Fly Day before Thanksgiving?


Apr 8, 2000
Hi all,

We've finally nailed down our November trip dates. We'll be going over Thanksgiving until the following Monday. Is it better to fly out the day before Thanksgiving or get an early morning flight for Thanksgiving day.

I'm thinking it might be a little cheaper to fly on Thankgiving day? Also, if we fly out the day before, we won't be able to leave until the evening.

What do you guys think?
Sorry, can't answer your question, but wanted to say hi! We'll be @ WL from the Friday before Thanksgiving to the Friday after....might extend a couple of days. Where are you staying?
We have found that the fares are much lower when we fly on the actual holiday. We have not flown on Thanksgiving, but Christmas day and New Year's day the fares have been substanially less and the airports are alot less crowded.
We do a Disney cruise every Thanksgivintg (ship leaves on Thurs.), and we've found it much cheaper and less crowded to fly out Thursday morning. This year we ended up flying on Weds...although we had booked an early morning Thurs. flight, it was cancelled after 9/11. They let us switch to Weds. at no additional cost (when we arrived at the airport, I could see was virtually deserted). Keep watching Orbitz and the airline websites and you should be able to find a decent deal.
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I flew home from Vegas on Thanksgiving Day 2001, the airport wasn't crowded at all. We flew out the Monday before Thanksgiving and it was a mess. Fly on Thanksgiving morning!!!!


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