Florida 4 day ticket pkg. for $99??


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Jan 17, 2002
Help! I have ran across info today about a $99 rate for a 4 day pass for Florida residents. Can anyone give me any more information on this program? I'm trying to help a co-worker that is going to WDW.

Basically , it is for Florida residents and I think it runs thru Sept. It is blocked out at least at Spring Break. It basically gives you four days of park hopping for $99.
Do you know the code, or how to find out more about this rate? It is for a co-workers family that lives in fl.

There is no code. The passes can be purchased at the gates at the parks or at Florida Disney Store locations. Proof of Florida residency will need to be presented. You can call CRO for more information about the offer.

It's too bad they can't offer good deals to out-of-State visitors. It would attract more people and Disney would make more money in the long run because out-of-staters would stay at the Resorts.
You are right! They should offer ticket discounts, because they would also make more money within the parks! Look how much we spend when we are in them! Saving a little bit of money at the gate is only going to give us more spending money!!! (maybe we should forward this suggestions to disney exec's... :D

Kaa - Thanks for the info! I'll forward it to my friend! I LOOOOVE helping people plan Disney trips!!!! It's the most wonderfullest place on earth!!!
It's too bad they can't offer good deals to out-of-State visitors. It would attract more people and Disney would make more money in the long run because out-of-staters would stay at the Resorts.

Hmmm...don't know about that. I live about an hour away and I still stay at the resorts a couple of times a year for three to four day vacations. I can afford more hotel because I don't have to worry about airfare or anything like that. And on day trips we spend lots of money on food (DH will only do sitdown).

I too live very nearby (60 miles). We just came off a 3 night GF stay and now we are going over to WL for another 3 nights. Disney gets our $$ just as much as they get yours.

If you purchase the 4 day ticket pkg. for $99.00, do you have to show id all the time? Or is it just when you purchase it? Would rather leave id in car.
This Play 4 expires on June7th. A couple weeks starting March 23 are blacked out. You show ID when you exchange your passes for tickets at the window. You will have a finger scan. I never showed ID after that, but had the finger scan each time. The Disney site has all the info under Florida section.
This is for anyone that has used this with kids. My mom is going to have my kids for the summer and is taking the kids to disney with this ticket. Do the kids need id? I asked a Disney CRO rep who said that she couldnt say that they wouldnt ask but told me to tell my mom she owuld be ok. Is it?

lovhusband - what age are we talking about for your children? If they are 16 and older (with a driver's license), I would think ID would be required. I could be wrong. If they are younger, I don't see any problem with your mom purchasing these passes for them as long as she is a Florida resident.
My 10 and 6 year old did not need ID last year, though I had school records just in case! From what I understand, if they are staying with your mom and going with her, young children can get the Play4 passes. She must show ID. My 10 yr old did have the finger scan, but no ID was showed. He came under our ID.
Welcome to the Dis boards.
This special is for FL. residents only. You would need an ID showing you live in Fl.
They do random checks (we went through this in Feb.) for ID's for annual pass holders and any other pass holder that needs a finger scan. You might need an ID, so I would keep it with me. From your location, it appears to be a moot point as your location shows LI, NY. Naturally, that does not give the whole picture, but, unless you have a FL ID, I fear you would be out of the running for this offer. :)
You do have to have your ID on you every time because you never know when your finger scan doesn't work. I'm constantly having to show my ID. For whatever reason, the machine just doesn't "read" me right. My husband has no problems. We have had Florida Residence Passes for years and years. We always make sure that we have our ID's with us.
My kids are 9, 13 and 4. My mom is a Florida resident she lives in Jacksonville where I grew up. Thanks

We just got back. My mom was able to purchase 2 4 day passes for my kids, (4 & 6) No problems doing that. We bought them at check in desk. She had to show her Florida ID. We told the guy the kids didn't live in Florida so we were very up front about it. He just asked their ages and said no problem kind of chuckled! They never had to trade in tickets or scan their fingers. It almost seemed like my mom could have bought 2 more tickets and we could have used them. So I don't know if adults had to scan their fingers like my mom does with her annual pass. The tickets didn't say children on them no one asked or ???
You only have to exchange a pass for a ticket when you buy it outside of WDW, like at AAA for instance. If purchased at WDW, it is already the ticket.:)
YES, all adults are required to do the finger scan with that ticket. My 6 year old did not, but 10 year old had to do it. At some age point they require it. An adult cannot waltz through with a PLAY4 and get in without a scan on it. The CM see's Play 4 pop up when ticket is inserted and knows;) !
Thanks, for everyones' feedback. I have a place there, even though my id is still from NY. I was actually debating to switch my id over at this time to take advantage of it. I can show proof of residency but I guess that's not enough, is it?
The only proof my mom had to get the Florida annual pass was her Florida drivers license. (But my step dad is a Floridain and she did take her marriage license too. Don't know if she had to show that also) She still owns a home in PA but lives 91/2 months in Florida. I would call Disney and ask what you need for proof of residency. You never know!


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