First trip to HH...LUV IT!!!

Johnnie Fedora

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Jul 4, 2001
Just got back from our first trip to HH and we were very happy with the resort. The atmosphere and trees are wonderful. I could not believe how empty the resort was. I asked a CM and he said there were maybe 25 people at the whole resort that week. I thought for sure there would be more people. I loved the contrast of the quiet offsite resorts when compared to the busy onsites (especially during the choice season). We were in bulding 24 which had a marsh view, and were close to the pool. Since it was the low point season, we decided to stay in a 2BR for 6 nights (98 pts), WOW---I couldn't believe the space, our 2 and 4 year old each had their own queen bed. I love the layout of the rooms and the huge deck with our own picnic table. It was a very relaxing vacation, and I was glad we were able to explore the resort without a crowd. We spent a lot of time at the pool and hot tub, and we were the only ones in the pool almost every day. We rented bikes and rode to the beach house one day when the weather was 80 degrees. It is beautiful. There were activities for the kids, Goofy bingo, pirate treasure hunt, bedtime stories, and campfires. We also toured a grand villa. We ate all our meals in the room and really didn't leave the resort. I can't wait to go back. It really gave us time to spend with the kids without having to hurry about and get to the parks. I highly recommend HH (especially in the off season) for people who want some peace and quiet and the opportunity to spend time playing games, reading, relaxing, etc. It reminded me of the fishing resort vacations we went on when I was a kid (without the fishing).

Some minor recommendations:
I recommend that HH get a few more videos for rental, there was a much larger selection at VWL. Also, I kept looking for the swing they show in the DVC sales tape, but didn't see it. Is it there?? Another suggestion is to give the rockers some adhesive non-skid strips for traction as they slide a little too much on the deck when you rock.

Hope you give HH a stay if you haven't.......:D :D :D
We can't wait to go back! My DH, DS, and DBIL are planning a big family vacation with our parents and our children (possibly our brother and his wife) and we would like to stay in one of the Grand Villas in June '03! I am really looking forward to that trip!! Hope you get to enjoy it again soon!
Sounds wonderful, Johnnie!! We are planning our first trip to HH this May (the week after Memorial Day) and we can't wait!! Any other tips you have are welcome!
Thanks for the report-we're going for the first time 3/16 and I am DYING to go!!We have a 2 yr old and a (will be) 6 month old, so I'm glad to hear you had a good time with the little one.:)
After reading posts about the no see ums from last year, I ordered Avon SkinSoSoft, it came today so I've officialy started buying things for our trip. LOL
Can't wait can't wait can't wait!! We bought at HH sight unseen in Sept. and I'm SURE we won't regret it.
We also love the family atmosphere at HH. In fact, our 7 yo is more anxious about our July trip to HH than our Dec trip to WDW. Go figure!!
Johnnie - glad to hear you enjoyed your time at Hilton Head. It is a lovely resort and I can't wait to go back. It is peaceful yet there are plenty of activities if you want to liven things up a bit.

The two room villas are awesome! Did you get a chance to use the jacuzzi in the room? I also know what you mean about the video selection. I was surprised there wasn't more variety but I kept the tv on that DVC channel that played the music all the time (or the channel that showed the DVC video over and over and over again) so my television viewing was limited :) . Did you make most meals in your villa or eat out a lot? I'm considering making most meals in our room this time around.

I'd like to know where that swing is from the video too. Anybody know?

I was there are few years ago and used the swing quite a bit. I hope they didn't take it down. It was near the beginning of the boardwalk that goes out into the marsh.

We are heading there for the first time in 2 months. The kids that something any kids can join in or is that one of those resort kids club (babysitting) things?

Any tidbits you can share regarding restaurants, favorites of the trip for your kids, would be great!



Also noticed you were from Illinois. Did you drive? How long was it for you? I'm figuring roughly 14 hours from St. Louis.
It's not a kids club, most of the activities involved our supervision/participation. There was a 1hr. kids unbirthday party that we left our 4 year old at. It was for kids only.:D ;)

We needed to cut costs for this trip, so we cooked in our room most meals, we try to make something we don't get at home, one dinner we bought crab cakes and fried them in the room, the another night we had fresh fish.

We drove it took about 15 hours, and the speed limit is 75 a lot of the way.

It was a great relaxing time with the kids. you will love it.
By the way.....did you drive? If so, where did you end of spending the night on the way there and back?? Curious as we will be making the trip in July. Thanks.
We stayed in Strawberry Plains (outside Knoxvile, TN) on the way to HH, but decided it would be better to stay in Ashville, NC, which is just beyond the Smokies. Ashville is a shorter drive to HH, and I like to arrive a little early at HH to get the room as soon as we can. Be sure you leave early enough to get through the smokies before dark. Ashville was about 10hrs from Chicago.

On the way home, we stayed in Lexington, KY. The trip was 15 hrs, but I push the speed limit, and we had good weather.

Hope you have wonderful trip. We have already booked our next trip to HH.:D
Thanks. We stayed in Asheville, NC last summer when we drove out but that was the first trip. Thought I'd like another Chicago suburban families take on the trip there. We traveled the long way home (through Macon) so we never stayed on the direct route on the way back. Probably will this year but I don't like driving through the mountains and we had the extra time to travel.

We are also looking forward to our trip this year. It's such a relaxing vacation for us and the kids love it. It's the best family time we can spend together. It's great! I just know the days there will fly by.

Thanks for the info.
Can you tell me anything about golfing-any places with discounts, incentives, also-I heard sometimes there's a resort golfer's day. Any word? The other question-how's March Spring Break? Busy? Quiet?
Sorry, I don't golf (at least not yet), I know they gave us some 2 for 1 or half price discounts at some courses for DVCers during the Januaruy off season. Other than that, maybe some others will know.:)
This crazy winter weather! 80 degrees??!!. I went to HH in early November and the temperature never got above 65!!

Just thought of another question I wanted to ask you. Can you tell that you are in a Disney resort when you are at HH? Are the trademark Disney Mickey Mouse touches around the rooms and resort itself?

Wasn't sure if we should tell the girls that our hotel at HH is a Disney hotel.

You can definately feel the disneyness at HH. All of their little trademarks are there. Decor is very Disney as well at the atmosphere around the resort. The kids will soon know even if you don't tell them.

There are tons (literally) of golf courses ranging from the very expensive and very difficult to the very reasonable and quite basic. Pick up a golfer's guide when you arrive and all of the courses and prices are listed. You will find that there are a lot of guide books and coupon books when you are there and many of them have discount coupons for golf. Also, if you go on a timeshare tour of one of the many resorts, free golf is usually offered as one of the incentives.
The resort will give you a list of area courses that offer guest discounts. The front desk will also make tee times for you.

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