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This is my first visit to this board ( I've been on the UK board)I have now made all my plans for visiting WDW in Sept 01 and have decided to fit in 2 days to US and IOA. This is my first trip to the US and my questions are these
There are 5 adults and 5 kids 3x12,1x17,1x7
What rides do you think they will like?
What are the park hours for this time of year and are they very busy?
Will they get time to do it all in 2 days?
How does the escape pass work?

I am just jumping for joy waiting for my holiday.

What is a good place to eat?
We are staying near WDW,is getting there a problem?
Thanx for any info you can give me
Regarding rides, I think your 17-year-old and 12-year-olds will like all the rides--especially Men in Black, Back to the Future, and the show Terminator2 at Universal; and the Hulk (roller coaster), Spiderman, Bilge Water, Kali River, Jurassic Park, and Dueling Dragons (roller coaster) in IOA. Your seven-year-old may want to pass on the Hulk and Dueling Dragons, but I think he/she would be okay on the others especially if you explain that on Back to the Future you are not actually moving, but watching a film. The Jurassic Park ride is scary at the end. Your seven-year-old may want to pass on Twister and Jaws at Universal (though for your older children I've heard Jaws at night is the way to go--we missed a night time ride). Don't miss the Beetlejuice Revue in Universal either. Our kids insisted on a meal at Hard Rock Cafe--it's hard to go wrong there. Most of the restaurants in CityWalk, which is just outside the parks, have an appeal to young people because of their themes (NBA basketball, Nascar car racing, etc.). Inside the parks, you will have mostly average park food except at Mythos in IOA, which is pricier. Have a great trip.

Hard Rock Hotel 4/01
Wyndham Palace 7/00
Port Orleans & DCL 12/00
Disneyland Paris 4/99
AllStar Sports 2/98


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