Favorite Harbor Hotel excluding pools and why?


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Jan 6, 2011
we just stayed at the residence inn convention center and it’s decent. The beds are little hard for me but not so hard that I was hurting after sleeping in them for 6 nights. DW and DD both loved the beds. We all agreed the sofa in our room was very uncomfortable however. It was nice having a full kitchen though.
We stayed there last year before covid and they had a good buffet style breakfast. This past week it was given to you in a styrofoam food box and all they had was dried sausage links, stale tator tots, and scrambled eggs. The eggs were the only part I liked. After two days of that I skipped the breakfast the rest of the week.

The pool is just a standard rectangle pool that is 4’6” deep in the deep end. They also have a large hot tub and a water play area that the kids enjoy.


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Oct 29, 2009
Any hotel/motel on Harbor that would let you park the day of checkout? I know Park Vue allows you to leave your car after checkout til the end of the night. Super convenient when you want to hit the parks checkout day. But other options would be great!


Aug 15, 2017
OTOH, we stayed at the Clarion, more years ago than I care to think about. Your description of the noise, shouting, and lack of sleep would pertain in spades to our stay at the Clarion. We've never been back.
Equates pretty closely with my experience a few years ago, there’s a reason it’s cheap 🤣🤣


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May 1, 2018
Everyone is going to have different experiences when it comes to all these offsite hotels... we've stayed at the Clarion three times and never had any issues with noise on any of our stays. We've usually been on the top floor though or close so maybe that's part of it? Their breakfast is good and the price is right. I like the interior hallways just from a safety standpoint when traveling alone. We also tend to leave early for rope drop and not return until the parks close so maybe that could be part of it- we don't spend a lot of time in the room. Just give me somewhere to crash!

I loved HOJO but now that my son is older, the water playground is a bit too childish for him. Beautiful grounds though! Their prices have gotten pretty steep.

I think it comes down to what you want. If all you care about is proximity, pick something at the intersection on Harbor near the DL entrance (Best Western or Tropicana are good picks). If you care about amenities, there's many other great choices with better food and other perks that others have mentioned. If you're looking for cheap cheap... well the Clarion is usually the cheapest but not as close to the parks. Used to be if you used Get Away Today you'd at least get free breakfast for them- not sure about right now.

We don't spend any time in the room so I always opt for cheap and close- more money to spend on experiences. Like when we had the WOC Dessert Party and Fantasmic! packages.