Jan 20, 2001
I never been to Universal, But the infomation
that I received with my 3 day ticket advertises
Universal Express no line, no wait from
April 1 to Sept 4, 2000, 7am to 10pm.
Are they going to do this for 2001 ?
If so, what do I do to take advantage of
this ?
Universal Express has gone through many changes since then. You cannot get in early, but you can get up to 3 Universal Express passes every two hours or until you use them up. Universal Express passes allow you to choose a return time. If you return at your scheduled time, you get escorted to the front of the line. It is similar to Disney's Fastpass, but you pick the time, not the machine.


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Saw your reply and went USF / IOA website. They are still advertising early entry with the two and three day escape pass...have they forgotten to change the ad? I found it on the "Buy Tickets" page, within the "more details" selection for the 2/3 day pass.

Tell me it's still active! I'm going on the 24th of this month and really need a coaster fix....Spider-Man sounds right up my alley too!

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Just called Universal for didn't help! The voicemail indicated express lines for the "1st two hours park was open"...but it didn't mention the early entry, (two hours before the park opened). I went back to the website and copied this:

"Express Pass (1st two hours parks are open) with your 2-Day or 3-Day tickets! Now for a limited time, get an early jump on all the fun and excitement at Universal Studios® and Islands of Adventure! - just show your multi-day tickets and enjoy early park admission and "No Waiting" express access to all your favorite rides* during the first two hours the parks are open, seven days a week! This means with a 2-Day ticket, you'll have up to four hours to see all your favorite attractions with no waiting! Avoid the crowds. Avoid the lines. And best of all, there's no additional charge! Buy your 2-Day or 3-Day ticket today, and save time with UNIVERSAL EXPRESS!"

Now how do you interpret this? In the ad it clearly states "early park admission". I know how I want to intepret it...but then again I'm biased:)


CoasterDann <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

Read this for better clarification to the new system replacing express. The websites have not all been updated yet. There is quite a lot of old information on them still...makes me crazy too!New Universal/IOA system

Jessica, thanks for the link...I do believe CoasterFEV...I wish I didn't!

Now if I read this correctly, I can sleep in a little longer, (a definite plus), but can only "reserve" times for three rides at a time? Well, I'll try it out...depending on the time lags...(is it 3 for every 2 hrs?) I should still be able to get my fill in three days.

Thanks again!

Hey, thanks all, looks like I dont get in early,
just my luck. Always a Day late or a dollar short.
Oh well, I'll get the 3 express tickets and ride
em anyway. :D


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