Express line question. (not an onsite guest)

Cindy B

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Oct 8, 2000
Last year we went to Universal, and we used the Express Lane with our 2 Day pass we bought from the Universal Website. We used it maybe twice, and it worked fine both times.

Now, here's my question. This year we are doing the Flex Ticket. How does that work with the Express Machines? Does your Flex Ticket voucher get turned in to a magnetic strip card at the gate?

Basically will it work? Also I won't be onsite (but very very close), are the Express machines working for offsite people as well?

We didn't use the Express option much, but it was nice to know it was there.
Any valid ticket (one day, two day, Flexticket, AP) is eligible for Universal Express. You slide your ticket through the machine. APs needs to stick the AP in the square hole on the bottom, face up. It's all explained on the screen.
Cool thanks Barry. I didn't know what the Flex Ticket looked like or if it was eligble. (sp?)

We didn't use it much, but glad to know that it is available for everyone.


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