Everybody Wants to be a WISH Cat (or dog, or goose, etc...) - October 2016 WISH Challenge


Sea days are just so relaxing!
Sep 8, 2006
@Lady Marie thank you for hosting this month! Though I"m at 0% for weightloss this month, at least I managed to not gain any.
Sometimes not gaining is already a big success!


My final check in for the month is 92%. My plan was to do some kind of specific exercise every day with 5 rest days for the whole months. I slipped twice because I felt lousy on those days. So, I am really happy with that!

I am glad that I did not have a weight loss goal as I only lost 1kg. For whatever reason this was a hard month on the scale. But I left October no longer being overweight, so it was an important kilo!


Jul 6, 2000
Late to the end of the month. I closed out at 50% of my goal. My goal was to lose 13, but lost 6.5 - I'll take that over a gain anyway. Onto next month.


DIS Veteran
Oct 21, 2003
Hey all...... a little late to the party, but I wanted to say good-bye to the October group! Sorry I didn't participate more.... life definitely got in the way! See on the November chat!!............P


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