Epic 1 day trip take 2 - part 5 updated 12/29


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Nov 6, 2014
Sounds so fun! A bucket list idea for the future for sure! 😊
Thanks for following! It sure is fun!
I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!!

How do your kids take you going alone?
Thanks for following!

They don’t love it, but this wasn’t the first time I went alone and won’t be the last. I also take them on one on one trips so they kinda get it, I think.


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Nov 6, 2014
Thanks everyone for following along! Let’s hit Epcot!

I got to Epcot at 938!

My GF had texted she was up to something but didn’t say what. She also confirmed my coffee order, which I was ready for! She said she was waiting to the left in front of the ball after I scanned in. Spotted her and the coffee and received my very favorite Epcot snack! The gingerbread cookie with caramel and buttercream frosting. But this time it seemed like a chocolate cookie not a gingerbread one. But you know beggars can’t be choosers and we ate the whole thing. She also had a birthday pin waiting for me, and a water! Find a bestie like her and make them like Disney it’s worth it!

Me, my coffee, and birthday pin! Not sure I could be happier!

Side note: I probably won’t post many pics of my friend I will post one later but I think that’s it. I used to do trip reports and since I’m always traveling with other people I stopped I don’t want to put other people on the internet.

She had grabbed a guardians VQ but as of now our return time was 3ish, and the only ILLs for purchases were later too. So I wasn’t feeling great about that, will I ride or won’t I?!? But I was ready for a great day!

Coffee done and a quick peak at Te Fiti we headed to living with the land for the Holiday overlay!
On living with the land at 10:10 the holiday overlay is so fun! I can’t wait to come back next year and see it at night. I snapped a few pics:

Off living with the land and waving to Pooh in his holiday best by 10:22!


We were making our way to world showcase, we thought the Santa in UK did a show at 1030 per a blog we looked at but it was 11:30 for the first one. So we werent positive what the next best option was, and we decided to try and get the Christmas tree macaroon in France but the line was insane. Out of the restaurant almost out of the section past the gelato place, just not worth the wait for us. So we headed out and noticed some booths had started to open. It was maybe 1040. They say they open at 11, but I know sometimes they open a bit early, so I was happy at least one near us was opening early!

Up next how many cookies can 2 people eat before noon?!?
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Nov 6, 2014
I hope everyone is having a great Holliday season!

Last I left we were trying to find a snack!

The L’Chaim holiday kitchen was open, so we stopped there and got a black and white cookie and the latke with smoked salmon. We both have APs so it was 20% off which was good cause she charged me for the latke and the sandwich, instead of the cookie and I had zero desire to get a $2.25 refund, luckily with the discount it was only $2 refund 🤣 and I said keep it, and just give me the less expensive item. You hear that Mickey, I’m making donations now!
I am going to preface this review with I’m Jewish, and live in NJ/NYC area, make my own latkes, eat smoked salmon on the regular and frequent many bakeries that’s specialize in black and white cookies.

All that said, the salmon had to much going on, maybe it was dressing, mayo maybe? Mixed with dill, had capers, it wasn’t bad just to much for this basic girl. But I eat smoked salmon just a slice at a time so don’t go by me, my GF enjoyed it. The latke was fine too thick for me but that’s how they are served almost any place that isn’t grandmas kitchen.

The black and white cookie was very heavy and more like a cake, not how I enjoy this type of cookie, but that’s not to say we didn’t eat it! I mean it was a cookie after all!

Next up we went to the tangerine cafe and got the fig cocktail! This was very fun!
A bit sweet but enjoyed it!

We circled back towards France to see the French Santa. On the way, we noticed Belle only had 2 people waiting for her so we stopped for a picture. I went to put my stuff down and she grabbed my festival book, and started talking about them giving away free books, and had asked if I read it yet, and was I going to eat everything. We honestly just wanted a quick pic and she was chatting us up! Sometimes as adults the characters or CMs can be quick, so it was nice. The CM also took a bunch of photos of the interaction and a posed picture at the end!

Then we walked and waited for Santa in France to come out, we listened to a bit of the story, and then started to walk again.

We made it to Japan and got the sushi tree! My GF had heard mixed things about it, but I loved last years so was dead set on getting it anyway.
It was good, not as good as last years, but still good. And sugar overload was about to happen so some rice was a good idea.

Next up we walked to America and tried the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie, I had heard great things and was very excited to try it.
It was good, but I think the hype had made me think it was going to be better!

We next made it to the Bavarian holiday booth, for a linzer cookie and cheese fondue in a bread bowl.

The linzer cookie was really good as was the bread bowl, even if I wanted more cheese in said bread bowl!

It was only 11:38 when I snapped these photos and we were 4 cookies in and getting full fast!

After these snacks me and my Bestie said bye as she was heading to springs to have lunch with her family, I decided to stay at Epcot to finish the cookie stroll and ride some more rides… maybe?

All day we had been watching the guardians time and it had creeped up from 3pm to 140 at this point.

Next do I make it on guardians?
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Nov 6, 2014
Let’s wrap up Epcot, but do I get on Guardians?

It was around 12ish now as I made my way to Mexico, I did a quick ride on Gran Fiesta tour, my younger daughter made me ride this six times in a row when she was a little over two…. It was ALOT! I got my beloved Avocado Margarita! Photo at 12:21

Next I went to Odyssey to get some more cookies! However I couldn’t fathom the idea of actually eating one at this moment. So I took out my ziplock bags, and Tupperware and packed them up for later. It turns out the only thing actually in my backpack at this point was the Tupperware, ziplocks, and shorts. My GF had told me she never finishes the cookies and bring a Tupperware so I ended up bringing one and some ziplocks to store cookies individually!

I got the salted Caramel Spaceship earth cookie and the Gingerbread cookie, I also grabbed mouse crunch to bring home to my daughter as it seemed right up her alley! (So happy i got the spaceship earth cookie! My fav of the day! Which I didn’t try till I got home)

Photo taken at the airport much later!!

Tupperware put away, and margarita finished I decided to grab one more savory treat, I got the Lomi Lomi Salmon at the Mele Kalikimaka which again had too much stuff for me.
To much dressing to much going on, this one was def more my fault as all the ingredients are listed unlike the Latke. It wasn’t bad but not my fav.

I stopped for a few photopass pics!

Then I headed to get my last cookie to wrap up the cookies stroll! On my way I stopped into port of entry and ran into an old disboard member/Instagram friend. Said hey and snapped a quick pic (not sure how but I didn’t save it once she posted it!). Grabbed a shirt my oldest had been eyeing since our August trip. They only had an adult small pretty sure it doesn’t come in kids but I know she likes it and she ruined another shirt this week with chocolate so this is a good replacement. Plus 30% off with AP discount!

My last cookie was the Alfajores which I really wanted to try, but did not feel like more sugar just yet! So even before taking a photo I packed it up in my Tupperware and headed to get my rewards! (Had the Alfajores cookie when I got home, it was just ok)

Grabbed my rewards, another cookie and a guardians pin!

It was 1:09 and I realized my VQ had been called on guardians, I had a hard call to make, ride guardians or head to MK! I decided guardians, for a number of reasons, I love this ride, I’m not sure I’ll be able to ride in Feb, my younger daughter will be tall enough but I’m not positive she will want to ride (she is only 4!) i could leave her with someone else while I ride but it’s a mommy daughter trip (my sister is coming too) but I try not to leave them when we’re on one of those type trips. Plus this was my only chance this year for the holiday song!

So off I went to guardians! My ride photo came through at 1:55! Its horrid but I’ll share anyway!

I made a quick stop at creations to grab a shirt for my younger daughter!

Next up I leave Epcot (spoiler) it was 2:06 but I’m at my photo limit so will need to wait for the next update!!
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Nov 6, 2014
Time to head to MK!!

My good bye pic of the Epcot ball is at 2:06!

I took the monorail to the transit center, and was planning to take the ferry to MK but at the last second took the monorail and it paid off! I hit the timing perfect and was taking a picture of the MK tree at 2:33!


I walked down main street and stopped for a photo pass picture! The photographer was very confused I was alone with my birthday pin! So he insisted on doing a tinker bell magic shot! I will never complain about a good photo-pass session! I have to say I have not worn a birthday pin before and it was really nice to get so many birthday wishes!

After my quick photo session I had a few LLs to use! First up haunted mansion, boy was this slow, I’m not positive but I finished my photos on Main Street at 2:34 my haunted mansion photo is at 2:55, the ride had stopped for a bit when we were waiting to board.


After haunted I took my gorgeous Loungefly I got from my bestie for my birthday for a photo session at her (the bags) bathrooms. It was packed so we didn’t get that many photos but it gave me a laugh!

Next up was small world, this is a must do for me, and boarding the ride wasn’t to bad but we were backed up 2 rooms do get off. After Small world, I hit up Winnie the Pooh.

If this was what it was like about 2 weeks before Christmas I have no idea what Christmas would have been like. MK was packed, and rides were slow to load, etc etc.

I then mobile ordered some food from launching pad. I have wanted to try the cream cheese pretzel for a while and I also got the jerk chicken fingers. Surprisingly I did not love this pretzel but thought the chicken was pretty good. 41F21518-AAE4-4976-B4CB-6D98582D6FC0.jpeg63DB903D-7A13-4C04-8E60-E24AD388BC40.jpeg

It was about 4:20 and I had to decide what to do next, it was almost time to end my time in the parks!

Up next wrapping up MK


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Nov 6, 2014
Here I am just under 4 weeks till my next trip and haven’t even finished this 1 day report!

Let’s wrap this up…

I had just finished my snacks and it was 4:20ish! I wanted to ride people moved but it was a 30 minute wait and I had a LL for buzz but it didn’t start till 440.

So I decided to take my time exiting the park. I did a bit of shopping, for some pins for the girls and some other stocking stuffers, a puzzle I’ve been eyeing for a while, and then saw a bunch of stuff I wanted but did not get! (But I didn’t need any of that but 30% of people!)

I wanted to get one of these desk signs, and took an insta vote and all my prior co-workers vote for queen of mean! A2BBF38A-BDC4-4C45-AFBD-808214AF12BA.jpegAE452AD8-91AF-4C74-8571-946AF63741F4.jpeg9EF07CE2-A2A0-426F-8768-C4DF0924FD65.jpeg11A2B6FF-96AB-4B5F-A195-526A7681684C.jpeg9B768AFA-860D-4992-AA56-8F21A99C5150.jpeg

Caught some of the Mickey and Friends cavalcade, my daughter says I freak out when I see Mickey so had to snap some pics! 6415F558-B807-4D2A-A073-E6DE2E480F76.jpeg

I mobile ordered a peanut butter cookie pie from the confectionary to take home. As I was exiting I saw these CMs playing bowling with guests! This is the magic!!


I said my goodbyes to MK and walked to the contemporary to call an Uber!

Over all my time in MK was to short and it was way crowded, but I didn’t rush or push and enjoyed a bit of people watching, and relaxing with my snacks, watching the cavalcade and just being in Disney!

The Uber arrived around 5:10 and I got to MCO around 5:50, I was at my gate by 6:05. I snapped a few last minute pics, packed all my stuff into one shopping bag, as they were making people check bags and I wanted to fit my bag under my seat.
Cookies and popcorn to bring home!

The flight was uneventful but I watched a movie, and wrote out most of this report!

I landed and had to go to terminal B I landed at C, i knew this was going to happen, but it wasn’t nearly as big a pain as I expected it to be so that was good! I was in my car at 957, and home by 1015.

My husband and I unpacked the cookies I brought home and had some snacks!!
I put away the kids gifts for their stockings put their shirts in their rooms, moved the elf, took a quick shower!

Thanks for following along! As of now I have a December trip planned so probably won’t have a one day adventure in 2023! But who knows as I did get a text from my friend asking if I wanted to do one for FARTs!!
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Nov 1, 2022
What a terrific way to treat yourself for a day- it sounds like you really made the most of your time in a way that worked for you. Lots of fun to read along. Thanks for taking the time.

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