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    Sep 12, 2018
    My Polynesian wedding is officially 95 days away!!!

    All of the details are straightening out--our wedding planner, Steffane, is amazing and helpful in every way. We're going with the Escape package but modifying some elements (cake, my bouquet, and music.)

    We also decide on our favorite, Epcot, for the portrait session. I'm flipping out because it's during FLOWER AND GARDEN! I know that typically the photog sticks to the three countries that we pick, but I'm wondering...does anyone have any experience or moment that they got with a photographer that managed to snag a picture of them in front of something "outside" of the photography area? We're obsessed with The Land and Imagination pavilions, and want just ONE or two good pictures in front of the jumping fountains, the Figment topiary, etc....what are our chances of getting to run over there first thing?

    Also, any tips or photos to share of Epcot sessions are welcome!!
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    Oct 20, 2016
    It never hurts to ask, mention it when they first pick you up to see if it's possible. We did three countries and they drive you between the countries so there isn't much walking around in Epcot. It also depends what time you're photo shoot is starting at. The countries open later so they can have more pictures done there even with the park being technically open. It might hurt your chances if the future world is already open when you're taking the pictures.
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