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Aug 21, 2000
Just booked a room for 8/23,24 at new Royal Pacific with the Entertainment rate of 109.00 + tax for pool view. CM said this was the first room she's booked there. They offer all benefits of the other two hotels (use of all their facilities) and FOL access at parks. I think this sounds great! Couldn't get Ent rates at HRH or Portofino for those nights- will have to take my son to HRH to hang out!
That's great!

I did the same yesterday. I couldn't get anything lower than $153 for HRH and I heard about RP rates here, so I called back and they had $99 for Standard view Entertainment rate so I jumped on it. It's worth it to me to save $54. and try their new hotel.

By the way, I'm going Nov 1 and 2 (Fri and Sat).

:D :D
Do you happen to remember what the ent. rates for a club room cost? I can't imagine it being cheaper than the $139.00 rate, can you?? :eek:
Thanks for the post.......

I had called 2 weeks ago and couldn't get anything at HRH , lowest 179. After reading your post I called and got RP, pool view, for 109 for August 2-3. They also offered me standard for 99 but I figured at that price why not take pool view.
After seeing the great rates at RP, I called and also got the great rate of $99 standard. I would go for the pool view but I didn't know if they have balconies to enjoy the view with so I just got the standard.

Anyone know anything about this hotel? Even the person I booked the hotel through didn't know the answers. I just read we can pool hop to the other hotels, is this true?

Does anyone know if the RP pool will have a slide? Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks!
Yes, you can pool hop. I don't know if it has a slide, but I would assume it does.

Mike :)
I was just at Universal 2 weeks ago & kept going past the RP to see as much as I could of it. It was hard to see the actual grounds & layout but I could see the bldgs. They are 7 stories high & have no balacony's. Hope this helps ya.... I have the club room booked for the $139 wonder if it is gonna be worth the extra money or see if I could get the $99 rate. We are a family of 5 and the breakfast savings alone may make if worth the extra money?? Any thoughs?? I know at Disney's Concierge it is worth the extra money for me.


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