EMH-increased crowds? Or still a great perk!


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Jan 22, 2004
DVCers are steady in their commitment to vacation to Disney on a regular basis (thus the desire to be a DVC member), so I ask you this question.
From 1994-2004, Disney added four value resorts with a total room count of 8,640 to date (will be 11,520 when Pop Century Legendary Years opens in the future) not to mention all the additional rooms that have become available with all of the DVC resorts that have opened over the years.
Since EMH (Extra Magic Hour) is only available to those staying on Disney property (plus Swan, Dolphin, Hilton) I wonder what you have seen as the impact to the size of the EMH crowd? Has EMH become much, much busier and less "special" or it is still a tremendous perk?


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Oct 24, 2003
There's still a lot of people who stay off site to save money, so at the moment this is still a good perk. If you manage to arrive at park opening you can still do a couple of major attractions before the crowds arrive.


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Feb 22, 2004
Our Disney family loves this perk. Not all guests staying at the resorts will take advantage of that extra hour. Some have small children and they want them to sleep late, or they think they don't need that extra hour because they can come and go as much as they want when they are staying at the resort. We like to use that extra hour to hit the rides that have the longest lines and usually can get even more that those in before the parks get too crowded. It also gets us up and started in the morning and then we are free to take a rest in the afternoon is we want.:chat:


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Feb 11, 2002
Does anyone remember what year EMH began. Doesn't seem all that long to me....maybe mid 90s.

Anyway, we don't care for it. Even though we leave our am park at or directly after lunch, EMH parks are usually jammed before that and in a way that doesn't afford as good as crowd flow IMO. Early risers like us can only hit certain things in that first hour and then all the other things become jamed too.

So we go to a non early entry park as a rule but find those to be understaffed compared to the good 'ol days.

I know not many on these boards agree with that but that has been our experience.


Dec 30, 2001
I think 1995 was about right, but back then it was 1 1/2 hours before regular park opening. With only an hour it is still a great
benefit, but the crowds are much heavier then they were back then.


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Nov 24, 2002
I think for sure the crowds have increased for EMH - we have incorporated the EMH into our DVC parks strategy

Go to the EMH park for 3 hours or so
Return back to Villa for Lunch, Swim, Playtime etc.
Mid to late afternoon head to a different park

EMH only works if you go for opening and then IMO head out in the late morning and do not go back to the EMH park

The exception to this is Epcot to me since it can handle a lot of people so I would go to Epcot on a Wednesday in the morning and in the late afternoon as well



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Aug 18, 1999
One park opening early has been going on for a long time at WDW. I recall it at least as far back as the late 1980's. They did suspend and reinstate it.

I actually don't use it very much so I can't comment on whether the additional people using the perk has made it less worthwhile.

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