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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by honeymo78, Jun 17, 2003.

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    Feb 17, 2002
    Okay I know this has probably been asked before but since I leave in less than two months I figured I'd ask again. I purchased my tickets through expedia and opted for e-tickets for USAir. What do I take with me to the airport. I know that for the flight down I can print out my boarding pass from USAir website but I won't have computer access from disney to do it on the way home. Anyone know what info you have to take with you to the airport, what you have to do at home to print out boarding passes and if there are kiosks/what is procedure at airport with and without boarding pass already with you? I know lots of questions but hopefully you all can help me out.

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    Actually all you need is your identification. However, you can got to USAir and print your reservation if you want. I routinely just show up give the skycap my name or put a credit card in the Kiosk and go.
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    If you have a USAirways Preferred ff card you can also use that to check in.

    Just go to the USAirways site and print off your receipt. You can use that for proof if you need it at the airport.

    Even though they say you don't need paperwork they always seem to ask me at MCO for the paperwork. That doesn't happen in other cities.

    What hotel are you staying at in WDW? CSR has a business center where you could print your return boarding passes. $10 for 10 mins. of computer time.

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