Dumbo vs. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin


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Apr 28, 2010
Ugh, Dumbo, the most overrated ride in the parks. Can you tell how I'm going to answer?

It doesn't make one bit of sense to me to stand in that line, wait 45 or more, when you can go right to Aladdins carpets (same ride, different "cars") or the Triceratops ride in AK and wait 1/2 the time. People always say, my kids want to ride it so we waited. I have no problem telling my kids the line is too long then taking them straight to Aladdin's carpets. Plus, IMO, the environment around Aladdin is a lot "cooler".

That said, I am going in June and will be at rope drop one or more days during our stay. We will probably go straight to Dumbo. If we don't make that our absolute FIRST ride of the morning, we won't be going on it.


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Jan 7, 2009
They are the same type of ride yes. I prefer Aladdin, the view is better and the line is usually shorter if you go later in the day. My kids like them both the same. Aladdin at night is great :goodvibes: I have never been on dumbo at night.

Doc CW

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Jun 23, 2006
My little sister is indifferent to riding Dumbo or Aladdin. It doesnt bother her which one she does as long as she gets to do one of them. We usually go Dumbo, but the Aladdin line is way shorter.


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Aug 8, 2009
Dumbo is sentimental ride for many, IMO. It is something people did when they were kids at Disney. This is why it is popular. Other then that, I do not find both rides worth waiting.


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Jul 6, 2009
When we went to Disneyland 3 years ago, my DS (then 3) LOVED Dumbo, and we ended up riding it 5 or 6 times. So I expected to have to wait in the super long lines to ride Dumbo again when we went to Disney World last summer. He flat out refused to ride it (which was more than OK with me) but we rode Aladdin several times, as well as the Triceratops spin twice.

He knows both the Dumbo & Aladdin story from books, and I am not sure what it was about Dumbo last year that freaked him out, because he enjoys watching it on Youtube.

I remember riding Dumbo from my youth, and even though we never went to DL (always WDW) I'm glad I got to share it with him.

I can't wait because this next trip, he'll be tall enough to ride Space Mountain with me (and it will be open!). I loved SM as a kid.


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Sep 25, 2009
I don't recall a sentimental tug for Dumbo.. I prefer the thrill rides and Space Mountain...

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