Driving Distances From Connecticut

Wish Upon A Star

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Aug 10, 2000
Just wondering if any other CT DIS'ers have driven . . .wondering length of time of drive . . .where to stop overnight . . .etc . . .

Looking forward to hearing any experiences with driving from CT.

We drive non-stop from NE CT (almost in MA and RI) and it takes us anywhere from 22 to 26 hours. We have a conversion van and are able to stretch out and sleep when not driving. We ran into trouble when we hit bad traffic around DC that lasted almost until Richmond this past Christmas holiday (01) and that accounts for our longer trips. We like to leave early am (5am) and stop for a longer breakfast the next morning. For us this works out well. I know others like to stop somewhere in NC or SC. There are always lots of motels advertised on billboards, and if you planned it out, I imagine you could find something very cheap on Priceline.
Wish upon a star,
We just got back yesterday from WDW and drove from Enfield in northern ct. Most people say to drive thru NJ, Washington DC on 95. After hearing the horror stories here and at work regarding the traffic and general mayhem around Washington, we decided to go 84 east to 81 south. We cut off on route 64(? or was it 66?, check a map) then 17 to 95. no traffic, it was wonderful. It takes a little longer but was worth it for the peace of mind. It still took 2 days, but we stopped each evening and also stopped for a big sit down breakfast each day at Cracker Barrel. We stayed at a Hampton Inns and a Comfort Inn. I liked the Hampton Inn much better. We drove until we didn't want to drive any longer. I didn't think the drive was bad at all, but I enjoy road trips and we had no children with us which would make the trip a bit longer I would think.

The trip tik and freetrip.com both said the mileage was approximately 1320 miles with this route, we found it to be more like 1400. Took aproximately 24 hrs. We drove 13 hrs the first day and started out at 5a.m. each morning. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, it was a nice easy drive.

I drive down from time to time, less frequently than when I lived in NYC.

I like to stop (either for lunch/dinner or overnight) in Summerton, SC because of the Summerton Diner, which serves up great Southern cooking at unbvelievably low prices (for a New Yawkuh).

Here's a review of the place:

Kelly after reading your article, I'm ready to drive down to Orlando just so I can stop at the Summerton Diner! I've bookmarked your article!



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