Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Walt Disney World Transportation Options | 01/21/19

Spencer Wright

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Jul 31, 2017
Hey yous guys great show! There are certainly many pros and cons to consider when using rideshare on WDW property.

If it were up to me, I would use Lyft probably about half the time, but my sister and mother are incredibly wary of it.

We stay at AKL, and the bus service stinks. Like 45 minutes for a bus is common. Its a great resort, but in my opinion is it a huge con. It does have excellent service to AK, which is our absolute favorite park.

My mother is a DVC member at the Polynesian (deluxe resort), and shares the same thoughts as the panel in terms of it being great for transit.


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Jul 16, 2007
Haven't watched the show yet, but I wanted to say that I will take a boat (whether IRL or at WDW) whenever I can, I LOVE being anywhere NEAR the water!!. So - if that's an option, that's my choice.

I also have only taken cabs at WDW when absolutely necessary in the past - but - this was over 6 years ago, before Lyft/Uber/etc to spare the expense/inconvenience. I am used to taking a bus everywhere, due to my not having driven IRL for close to 20 years after a bad car accident.

That being said, I am also WELL used to making the journey into part of the vacation, including factoring PLENTY of time in just to "get there". I would get to work almost an hour ahead of time just to give myself a buffer in case a later bus did now show. In WDW, I always figured a minimum of 1.5 hours to get anywhere on property. Yes - I was early most of the time, but personally, I'd rather chill and pass time at the destination than stress about being there on time.
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