1. DVacationer

    WDW Lovers View Of Aulani

    Im currently laying down on the bed in Aulauni on check out day. This is my review / thoughts of Aulani and Hawaii / Oahu as a 1st timer after staying here 4 nights. 4 nights is good for a minimum but 5 would be perfect ( we arrived 10am arrival day and left at 9pm on day 5 but more nights...
  2. WebmasterJackie

    Excuse Me, “Legacy Fans”? We Might Just Be Disney’s Only Way Forward.

    In today's featured article on wdwinfo.com, longtime DIS contributor Zoë Wood dives into her feelings about Disney's newest term for those of us Disney fans who have been around for a number of years. Ahem. Stop by the site and give the article a read – it's worth your time and if you're...
  3. DVacationer

    Disneyworld Hotel Tips After Going 10 Years

    I’ve been going to Disneyworld a few times a year for 10 years. I’m a Disneyland local. I’ve stayed at just about every Disney hotel (and a few offsite) and became a DVC member a few years ago. Here are my unfiltered thoughts on Disneyworld resort hotels. Hopefully this helps people planning...
  4. WebmasterJackie

    Do You Plan Your Favorite Dining Experience First or Last?

    In today's featured article on the DIS, contributor Zoë Wood tells her family's story of how they plan their dining reservations when visiting Walt Disney World. They travel all the way from Australia so it's really important to them that they get to experience their favorite dining locations...
  5. ZephyrJG

    Transportation to MCO, Port Canaveral, and WDW Recommendations?

    Hello! I haven't posted on the boards in quite some time, so I hope I am doing it right! I am planning a trip this coming January/February (2023). We are a group of adults doing a cruise on the Wish followed by 4 days at WDW. I need some recommendations for transport from MCO to Port Canaveral...
  6. Woody'sRoundup

    Points for Rent $19pp for Aulani (1080 points), AKV (750 points) and $22 pp VGC (410 points). March 2022 UY.

    Owner since 2012. Up to 750 AKV, 1080 Aulani, 410 VGC. $19 pp for Aulani and AKV, $22pp for VGC. add $2 per point for reservations under 50 points. Happy to book reservations for all other resorts & months out or less. For best results, please give me the info earlier than the 7 months or 11...
  7. MrBlueBird

    Magic Kingdom Grail Prop/Item!!

    I finally framed a Disney Word grail prop I was lucky enough to acquire. I managed to get a piece of the cloth they place over the facade of the buildings on Main Street, U.S.A. when they are doing refurbishments. It is fairly large at 36”x25” unframed. This was extra special to us because it...
  8. jrmint427

    Whistle While You Work – 2 Weeks at Disney - A June 2022 Trip Report

    Welcome to my latest trip report! We took a 2-week trip to Orlando. We had 4 park days, 5 work days, 2 trips to Disney Springs, 2 character meals, 1 Disney date night, and lots of fun as we blended Disney with remote work to make the most of our time. This was our 4th trip since having kids...
  9. DVacationer

    Best Eats From My May 2022 Trip

    Here are some of my favorite eats from my most recent trip to WDW: The Quattro Formagi at Via Napoli. My goodness this is SO GOOD. The Cheese has a hint of that char taste you get when you pour cheese in a skillet and it gets alittle brown. I love it. The blend of cheese is way different then...

    D23 Expectations for new Rides?

    I have been seeing a-lot of talk on some other forums about the "phase 3" of Hollywood Studios improvement and wanted to ask first and foremost: Can be corroborated by anyone who knows more than I. Also, what in general do you guys think we are gonna see in the post-COVID phase of Disney park...
  11. S

    Tips for queueing

    Hi. We're heading to WDW April 11th to 23rd. Looks like it's one of the busiest times of the year, but we're limited to school holidays so had to suck it up. Our kids are aged 7 and 10. Of course we're expecting to spend a lot of time queuing throughout the holiday. I know this is a bit of a...
  12. L

    Cute phone accessory hunt!

    I’m on the hunt for the best Disney / WDW inspired phone cases 🥰 I love a unique accessory to bring a little magic into my everyday, especially when I can’t get to the parks. Please share your favorite Disney cases or favorite small shops!❤️
  13. M

    Disneyland Veteran Takes on WDW — Feb. 24, 2022

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on DISboards and I just wanted to reach out for some help. I understand that WDW is a completely different beast than the Disneyland Resort, so I will need all of the help I can get This was a last minute/surprise decision for me since it’s been a dream of...
  14. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Dinner at Boma - Flavors of Africa Was Not What We Were Expecting

    Boma - Flavors of Africa has been a favorite of The DIS for a long time. The buffet has always been a solid choice for breakfast and dinner, but we might be re-thinking that just a bit, because of some questionable meats and lackluster sides.
  15. DisneyyDaydream

    The Trip With The View, A WDW Oct '21 TR ***Complete!***

    The One With The View A Short but Sweet WDW Trip October 2021 An Introduction: "Nice to be Back Ladies and Gentlemen!" Well, well, well, if it isn’t me starting this trip report over 2 months after I’ve been back home. I had full intentions of starting this trip report a lot earlier, but...
  16. lvcourtneyy

    Welcome to the Kingdom Little Prince- a Feb 21, Baby’s First Trip Report- new 1/24!

    Hello out there! Anyone remember me…. Crickets I’m sure. My name is Courtney, I’ve been around the Dis off and on for some time now and have a wonderful habit of starting trip reports and not finishing them :rolleyes1. I did finish one about our trip in June 2019 and started two others after...
  17. ksawano

    ADR Staying Off-Site

    Hi Everyone, I am going to WDW with my boyfriend and we are staying off-site at Sheraton Vistana Resort from 12/19-12/23. When I was trying to make ADRs earlier this morning for 12/19, it seemed that most, if not all of the high demand restaurants (Space 220, Sci-Fi Dine in, Be Our Guest, etc.)...
  18. DisneyGuys

    WDW Annual Pass Renewal - NO Charter Pass anymore in 2021

    Of course, everything with Disney is *subject to change... I called the V.I.Passholder line to ask if WDW will still be offering the Charter option for the new series of Annual Passes coming up. Sadly, the answer was "No. We will no longer offer Charter Annual Passes." That is a...
  19. LifeTheDisneyWay14

    A Pack of Lions is a Pride - Squishy’s First Trip to WDW! A February 2022 Trip Report

    Hello! I’m Danai. I’m a 28 year old new mom, currently somewhere between a SAHM and a writer/actor/commercial model (my career before becoming a mom). I live in downtown NYC with my beautiful 6 month old daughter and my wonderful husband, plus our two cats. My favorite Disney movie is...
  20. C

    Bring Back The Country Bear Christmas Special

    Hello, I have created a petition to bring back the country bear Christmas Special. And here is a description of what I’m doing. For years the Disney parks have been celebrating Christmas with attraction overlays. However one attraction has lacked Christmas sprit since 2005, The Country Bear...