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Runs on Coffee
Jan 5, 2009
Mini life update.

I ran three times last week. I didn't run over the weekend. I'm just so freaking exhausted. It's all stress related and I know I'll feel better if I run, but it's the getting myself out the door I'm having trouble with. It's stressful selling a house and it's been showing after showing after showing and usually with very little notice. That means house has to be kept spotless 24/7 in addition trying to live our lives. However, we just accepted an offer on our house last night. Contract is signed and it is now pending in the MLS. This is the 4th house we have sold and the only one I'm having regrets about. I cried. A Lot. I love my house and we were going to stay here until the kids were done with college. God had other plans and brought us down a different path though. The buyers are a couple that a friend connected with us. We personally showed them our home on Friday night. We talked with them for quite a while. I told Rob after they left that I hope they make an offer. It would make my heart happy to have them purchase our home. They are a younger couple with three kids and trying for a 4th. She texted me on Saturday that they had prayed over it and woke up knowing it was the right decision and that they had their agent submit an offer to our agent. We should be closing on November 22nd.

Latest update of my new kitchen in our other house. It's a little further along, but I forgot to take pictures. All the hardware is on and crown molding is being installed today. They still need to cut the two drawers out to adjust the opening for the double ovens.

Wall with cooktop, ovens, microwave and fridge.


Wall opposite the stove area. I don't have a walk in pantry in this house so we put these big wall units in with roll out drawers. I had them in a previous house and the roll outs were handy. We are installing a wine fridge.


Kitchen Island



DIS Veteran
Jul 6, 2016
Congrats on the offer- it has to bring so much peace to have a nice family moving in.

Your new kitchen looks so great! Can't wait to see it finished!


Runs on Coffee
Jan 5, 2009
Well hello there :wave:

It has been a crazy whirlwind for the last few months.

I ran all three Wine & Dine races. I think I’m completely over Disney 5K races. I’ll run it as part of a challenge, but I am 99% sure I won’t sign up for one as a stand alone race.

We officially moved into our new house November 22nd. We still have some odds and ends left to finish (patio doors are being installed as I type!) and I still have a mountain of boxes to unpack. I have photos, but they wont post from my iPad. We have moved on to phase 2 and are getting bids to add on an attached two car garage with a finished second floor that will have a game room, bedroom and bathroom.

We are getting our barn ready for our horse Diva to move in. We are so excited!!! We are hoping to have our arena, round pen and redesign of some pastures/fencing to take on some boarders in the spring. We are also going in half with a friend to breed her mare. Her mare is an Appaloosa Quarter Horse (you an only see her dapples when her winter coat has grown in) and we are going to breed with an Appaloosa stallion and cross our fingers that we get a dappled foal. We may buy her out and keep the foal and learn how to break a horse at around three years of age.

Now on to running.....or lack of......

I am going into Goofy feeling very undertrained. I’ve been plagued with health issues, colds, lack of safe running conditions and gym access while in Maine for 11 days and a pulled muscle in my butt/hamstring. I’m on meds now for fibromyalgia and it’s helped so much. The fatigue has improved and I don’t feel like I’m in such a fog all the time. Pulled muscle hasn’t given me any grief in a week. I am looking forward to Marathon Weekend and hanging out with my Dis family! I was booked at Coronado, but a room at Pop opened up last week. I stayed at AOA for W&D weekend and loved the skyliner. I’m not a huge fan of Pop, but I haven’t stayed there since the refurb and and I won’t be in the room much.

I finished 2019 with 708.7 miles. Aim for 2020 is 1500. I almost ran that many in 2018. I got into the Chicago Marathon via lottery!!! I’m really looking forward to that experience.

This is my race lineup so far for 2020:

January 11 & 12 - Goofy Challenge - PR in fun
March 15 - Excalibur 10 Miler - Sub 1:32
October 11 - Chicago Marathon - Sub 4:45
December 5 - OUC Orlando Half Marathon - Sub 2:00

Hopefully now that things have settled for a little while I can get back into journaling and catching up on everyone else!!!


Practically Perfect in Every Way
Apr 3, 2006
Congrats on moving into the new house. I feel you on the end of year chaos. Hopefully, things slow down a little now that the new year has started.


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