Does WDW Get a Record of S/D Ressies?

Bill From PA

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That
Nov 8, 1999
We've already reserved a week in Nov. at Dolphin. In the event that WDW sends out postcards based on your not going there for a while (this spring will be the first 'missed' spring trip in 4 years), I'm wondering if WDW knows I've reserved Dolphin and am thus 'in the bag', making it less likely they'll waste a promo card on me.
Any thoughts/experiences on this?

Bill From PA
We had ressies at Dolphin for Christmas week and got a post card last fall for $84.00 moderates. There was a PIN and they wanted the name on the card exactly to make the ressie.

Our check-in date was 12/23, two days before the expiration of the post card rate.
We also have ressie's at AKL for the first week in April. Last week we received a post card for $94.00 moderates beginning 4/21/02 through 6/22/02. Unfortunately my wife's teaching schedule dictates our vacation schedule and we're going during her spring break.

There is a code, but no PIN or anything that says it has to be used by the recipient, so I passed it along to one of my co-workers who plans on taking his grand son later in the spring.
I don't know if having ressies makes a difference. I made ressies in January for July. A few days ago I got 2 postcards. :confused: :confused:
I made reservations at the Dolphin in July for this April. Since then I have received 2 postcards. 1 for Disney and 1 for Vero Beach.
I never got a postcard from Disney until we stayed at the Swan! In fact, we got another postcard while we were staying at the Dolphin a few weeks ago! It's like they are trying to win me back!


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