Does anyone know how I can find out about local RV shows??

Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by Camping Griswalds, Feb 10, 2001.

  1. Camping Griswalds

    Camping Griswalds DIS Veteran

    Aug 6, 2000
    We live in Md. On the eastern shore, about 20 miles south of Ocean city if anyone is familur with this area. I want to go to some RV shows but don't know how to find out where they are. I would like to purchase a new camper in the next year or so. I figure a year of looking will give us a good idea of what we want, prices etc. My father used to do boat shows, so I know from them that you can walk through hundreds of examples in one day. Also the prices can be more competitive. Any way help would be appreciated!!
  2. We4mickey

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    Jan 15, 2000
    You can try Woodall's RV Traveler it is a small
    flyer they sent out and it list most of the shows for the midwest.
    try this link out..

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  3. Colleen A.

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    Sep 23, 1999
    You could call a local RV dealer and ask them. Since rv show usually have alot of dealers from your home state, they are sure to know where and when they are held.

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  4. TmnsnMD

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    Feb 2, 2001
    I was at Midway the other day (checking out new trailers). The salesman said they have a show at the Civic Center each year. Give them a call to find out when they will this year (it may be soon -- SPRING is almost here). :)
  5. TinkerbellRules

    TinkerbellRules DIS Veteran

    Aug 29, 2000
    I found this on the RV site:

    Maryland RV Show
    Date: February 16 - February 18
    Location: Timonium, Maryland
    Phone: (410) 687-6191

    Maryland Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association RV Show
    Date: February 16 - February 25
    Location: Baltimore, Maryland
    Details: Remember, "Good Sam is one million strong." is the phrase that pays at participating shows. So come to the show and check out the Good Sam booth so you can win.

    Also, check out this site for RV buying:

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