Documents needed for traveling with kid other than your own

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Nov 10, 2001
As you all may know by now, thanks to my many dumb questions, but I will be traveling on the 3 day with 7 Girl Scouts...6 of them are not mine. I know thatit will all come in our docs, but as a preview, can you tell me what documentation I will be required to provide for these girls?
The parents will just need to sign the cruise documents for their children. HOWEVER, I would stongly recommend obtaining a notarized statement from each parent authorizing you to take their child on this trip -- list in detail all of your stops enroute -- and also have them list any medical conditions, allergies, and permission for medical treatment to be provided in their absence.
I also strongly recommend bringing notarized letters from each parent. The letter should state that they give permission for you to take them out of the country and that you may authorize emergency medical care.
We are taking my neice and I have a notarized letter that my sister and dn's father signed giving us permission to take her out of the country. I also have the medical permission slip. I didn't know if it was needed but better safe than sorry.

We took my niece and nephew last year. We did not have any notarized letter from my sister-in-law but I think it's a good idea to bring one just in case. The listing of any medical conditions and allergies also sounds very helpful. The one thing you must have is either a passport or a notarized birth certificate for each person traveling. We also had my sister-in-law sign any cruise documents where it indicated "Parent's Signature". Hope this helps. Sounds like you're going to have a great time.


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