Do you need a Dinner Jacket at Emerils?


Earning My Ears
Feb 25, 2001
Just curious if you need a dinner jacket there for dinner AND lunch? We are planning on eating there, but don't want to bring dressy clothes, lol.
I can't say for dinner, but I went for lunch in November. I have to say I felt overdressed. I wore a V-neck long sleeve shirt with khaki slacks and casual dress shoes. My friend worse a golf shirt with slacks as well. And my female friend wore a more formal dress but nothing overly fancy. However, when we arrivd at Emeril's we were taken aback by the really casual clothes some people were wearing. I saw short sleeve shirts and shorts. And basically park clothes.

I believe I was told no sandals or open toe sandals. And no sleeveless shirts. That was about it I think. I think you'll be fine if you worse casual Friday type of wear.

As for dinner, that might be a different story. I'm sure someone who's had dinner at Emeril's could fill in that gap. HTH! :D

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Glitters September 2001
No, it is not required. The majority of the people were dressed in resort casual (khaki pants, nice button down or golf shirt, ladies in dresses/sundresses).

There are some who do "dress for dinner".

Have the Study of Duck and to drink have the "Emeril Sky".

"no sandals or open toe sandals. And no sleeveless shirts" is correct.

Valet park and Emeril's will validate. No other restaurant does.
We went to Emeril's when it first opened and we also went this February. This year it seemed so much more casual. More families and a lot more children. Last time my daughter was the only child in the restaurant. The meal was at least 3hours long last time, this time we were in and out in an 1 1/2. No we weren't rushed, the staff is very attentive. It is an excellent restaurant and we will definately be going back.
Don't ya just love the double standard that still exist in this world. like for instance...
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> "no sandals or open toe sandals. And no sleeveless shirts".[/quote]

Now correct me if I am wrong here. This rule most likely applies to "men only".
I can't imagine them refusing to serve a lady in a sleeveless sun dress and a pair of open toed wedged heels etc. Hmmm! :rolleyes:

Any hoo! I was told when I called Emerils that Jackets are not required.


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