Do we have to get out of bed? Day 4

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    Me…29 self professed Disney freak (8th trip to Disney World)
    Matthew…30 loves me despite my Disney freakishness (first trip to Disney World)

    Day Four, Sept 12, 2002…Do I have to get out of bed?

    Bear with me on this one, I neglected to write down what order we did everything in!!

    After a wonderfully good and exhausting evening out, when our phone rings for the wake up call, I am just not happy to hear Mickey’s voice! It’s about 7:15am and we are supposed to be getting up and getting ready for a DVC tour. We are both just so exhausted that we can barely get out of bed, so we decide to call and cancel for now. We know that there is a DVC desk down in the main lobby, so we’ll just reschedule if they’ll let us. After canceling, we go back to sleep for a few hours.

    Mickey calls again and drags us out of bed about 10:00am. We really needed those few extra hours of sleep after getting to bed at 2:30am the night before!! We get up and get ready to go. Today’s our “full” day at MGM Studios, well, what’s left of it anyway! We have discovered that it’s much easier for us to just drive ourselves to the parks, so we hop in the car and arrive at MGM at about 11:30am. First stop is the kiosk for PS arrangements. We wanted to be sure to have seats for Fantasmic tonight, since it would be our only chance to see it the rest of the week. We look over the menus and decide on Hollywood and Vine. I think that we set it up for a 5:30pm PS.

    We’re very hungry now and Matthew decides that he wants to try the Sci-Fi Dine-In for lunch. It’s just a little passed noon, so I’m concerned that we won’t be able to get in. We decide to chance it anyway and head over there. On our way there, we stop and grab fast passes for Star Tours. We go into the restaurant and they tell us it’ll be about a 10 minute wait. So we go into the neighboring bookstore (I remember when it was called “Buy the Book after the bookstore on Ellen!) and look around. They had these amazing looking white raspberry swirl cookies…I tell Matthew that we’ll have to come and get one later. (which we forget anyway!) They call our names and take us back. At first, they wanted to seat us in a car all the way in the back of the room. There were people sitting in the car that had put all of their stuff in the row that they were trying to seat us in. They were very defiant that they were not going to move their stuff because they were told that they wouldn’t have to. So Matthew politely asks for another car. The CM heads back up to the front to see what else they could do and comes back shortly thereafter. He takes us to the front of the restaurant and seats us in our own car! AND to top it off, it was purple!! I giggle and say that this was meant to be! A few minutes later, they do seat a woman and her daughter in the same car right behind us, but we didn’t care…Matthew thoroughly enjoyed the food and atmosphere. He marked that as his favorite restaurant of the whole week! We both had the cheeseburgers and fries, he had coffee and water, I had diet coke, and we split a chocolate milkshake. It was very good!

    From there, we leave very stuffed and head over to Star Tours to use our fast passes. Every time I ride this I am put in the very same simulator! We are directed to the last one to the right…the ride didn’t disappoint, as usual! From there, we pull out the map and decide where to go. We head to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, one of my favorites. Very cute as usual…and this time they had an Ariel that could actually sing with the music!

    From there, we head back for the Muppets. This is the only 3D show that I can do without having to take the 3D glasses off! Very entertaining! After this, we wander around the streets of “New York”, taking pictures along the way…browsing through shops…I wanted to see the Hunchback show, but when we got back there, I realized that it wasn’t being performed that day. (I was kind of bummed cuz we never made it back to see it and then found out after we got home that the show was closing!) So we wandered around some more…played a bit in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids set…ended up in front of the BackLot Tour. Now, before we left, I remember seeing that this was going to be down for refurbishment and wasn’t scheduled to reopen until our last day at Disney. But it was open!! So we hopped into line and enjoyed the tour.

    After the tour, we browsed through the little gift shop, made a few purchases, and then realized the time. We had about 10 minutes to get to the Beauty and the Beast show! That was the only time that I rushed Matthew on anything the entire week! We made a really fast detour for a Mickey Bar and a bottle of water and then made it up front for the show! I LOVE that show…but I think that it’s been changed a bit since the last time I saw it. There used to be these people dressed as bat like things that danced around in the scene where Gaston is rallying everyone to attack the Beast. And didn’t the show used to open with Be Our Guest? Maybe I’m just imagining that…

    Now it was nearing time for our PS at Hollywood and Vine. We make our way over to the restaurant, check in, and seated right before the heaven’s open up and the downpour began! JoAnna was our server and she was really nice! She sat down with us (they weren’t that busy yet) and chatted with us about our wedding and our trip so far. She was fun to talk to! Soon after we got there, they sat a family next to us. It was a mom, dad, and a teenage son. JoAnna kept flirting with him and it would get him all embarrassed and flustered. It was really cute! Oh yeah…the food was pretty good! I actually liked the root beer potatoes…and the chicken nuggets on the kids bar…we enjoyed dessert…tried almost everything! I was freezing and it was still pouring outside, so we ordered some coffee and sipped that for awhile until the rain let up. We decided to just wander around for a bit until it was time for Fantasmic.

    We went back to the giant hat and the gift shop outside of the Little Mermaid show…and then decided to go and get settled for the show. We had our vouchers and were heading up front when an important looking CM, Brian, stopped us and was asking about our hats. (We got a lot of attention from CM’s about our ears! They were curious to know where we got them and were shocked when Matthew confessed that he made them! We’re awaiting the lawsuits any day now :) ) Brian asked if we were on our way to see Fantasmic and we told him we had done the dinner package. He and another CM, Heather, walked with us to the corner of Hollywood (I think) and Sunset and then said that he would get us better seats than what we had! He called someone on the radio and then told Heather to take us to the VIP seating section and ask for Jesse. VIP…WOW!!! Heather was a fairly new CM, I think on the college program, so she wasn’t sure where she was taking us. We found our way to the gate (same gate we would have used for our Fantasmic passes) and we make our way through the pathways talking the entire way. She was really sweet…we finally get inside, find the Mickey section, and then find Jesse. He makes a big ruckus about the fact that we were honeymooners. Made an announcement to anyone that could hear him and then said that this section was reserved for the honeymooners!! We had the top two rows of the first Mickey section all to ourselves!!! It was awesome!!!!! People kept trying to sit in there with us and Jesse wouldn’t let them. It was great! While we were waiting for the show to start, Matthew went off and bought me one of the light up roses. Then the show started! I was so thankful that the rain had stopped long enough for the show…Matthew later declared Fantasmic to be his favorite event of the whole week, well, aside from marrying me of course!!

    After the show ended, we were one of the first few out. We made our way to the car as quickly as we could. We were supposed to meet another DISer, maxie, and her new hubby at PI by 10:30pm. We raced back to the room, changed, and made it to PI by 10:20pm. It seemed to take us forever to get through the admission gates…finally make it, and head to 8Trax. We were supposed to meet them outside there. It was now about 10:40pm. We purposely wore our bride and groom hats (I wore the headband and he wore his top hat) so that Kathy (maxie) and her hubby could spot us. They knew it was us immediately…we sat down had a nice chat about their wedding snafu’s from the previous week and how their week was going so far. (They were on their honeymoon too!) I was craving a kungaloosh, so we went to the Adventurer’s Club. As we entered, Samantha’s Cabaret was getting ready to start so we made our way into the other room. We had to split up because there weren’t 4 seats together. Matthew and I were on bar stools in the back corner and Kathy and Glen were at a table in the middle of the room. The show starts, Matthew’s gotten my drink for me, and “Samantha” makes her way to the bar. She spots our ears and makes a comment about them. After her song, she’s chatting with some of the folks sitting at the bar around her and the conversation somehow leads to how long couples had dated before they got married. Since we were wearing the obvious ears, she asked us. Well, our story’s a bit complicated, so Matthew tells her 15 years! Well, that’s how long it’s been since our relationship began. She made a big to do about it, but poked fun at us since we really couldn’t explain our whole situation to her. It was pretty funny…

    We made our way outside for the midnight countdown and then went back inside for the last show of the night. After that, we are really tired and ready to go. So the four of us pile into our rental car and head back to the resort. (We were all staying at the ASMu) We hung out a bit outside of our room (it’s nearing 2am again) and we eventually say our goodnights and head to bed.

    Tomorrow’s another early day for us!!

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  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A great day for all and meeting Dis'ers to boot - thanks for posting!
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  4. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    I'm glad you slept in - you needed it after all your adventure and excitement!

    Another fantastic (er... Fantasmic!) day!
  5. veraletta

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    Apr 25, 2000
    I cant wait to read more..I have everyone in my family reading how your trip went.. I'm really enjoying your trip report... Thanks for sharing...
  6. Mickey's sunshine

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    May 23, 2000
    I think I would have slept in too. I saw Fantasmic for the first time in April and I loved it!! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite too! :)
  7. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    We have yet to see Fantasmic. It was really great the treatment you got from Brian & Jesse!

    Thanks for the report!

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