DLPdaft trip report 3/10 - 5/10 - Day 2

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    Jun 3, 2007
    Woke up with the alarm at 7.20, and we were both dressed, out and in the Park by 8.20 this morning, having walked along the river between the Santa Fe and the Cheyenne hotels. DD was wearing her Princess Jasmine outfit, and her new lanyard and pins (I don't think she quite understands about pin trading though, because I'm pretty sure she has no intention of swapping her pins with anyone, for anything :lmao: ).

    We headed straight for Buzz, but the ride was temporarily stopped, so off we went to Fantasyland, where we did the carousel, then Dumbo twice in a row, then the teacups also twice in a row. We then stoppped for GMF breakfast at the Chalet au Marionette. Very pleasant relaxed GMF breakfast this morning, as there were no more than 20 families in the whole restaurant. After breakfast we headed back to Buzz, but it was showing a 15-minute line (still before 10am) so we looked in the shop there, then at about 9.50 we walked over to the Castle stage, where there were a few people already lined up for the Princess meet n greet there. Just after 10am, Cinderella and Prince Charming appeared. They were fabulous, very gracious, and spent ages with the children waiting to see them. Cinderella got DD to do a twirl in her Jasmine outfit, and chatted to her while she and Prince Charming signed her autograph book. DD was well impressed, and Cinderella isn't even in her top 3 princesses (princess: but she may well be now!).

    After that, we decided to go to the Studios, and do the things we hadn't had time for the day before. We took the horse-drawn tram down Main Street, and just as we got off, we spotted Mary Poppins near City Hall. She too was lovely, commented on DD's pins, and even though this wasn't an organised meet n greet, there was no scrum going on around her - everyone, old and young, took their turn and waited patiently.

    So on to the Studios. It was about 10.40 by now, and there were, as yesterday, loads of characters in the area in front of Studio One. We went straight to Animagique today, and it was fabulous, just as magical as I remembered it first time round. Then we watched Cruella De Ville sneering as she interacted with her fans near Cinemagique. We passed her and went into Cinemagique. Oh My God - how good is this show :love: ???? I'm so glad we saw it. We were both enthralled.

    Still raving about Cinemagique, we did Cars again, then headed over to the Studio Tram tour, which was so quiet that the tram was sitting waiting for customers. Maybe its because its kind of tucked away behind the construction area around Tower of Terror? DD had forgotten about the fire-breathing dragon bit, so she hid behind me at that point! Did the Flying Carpets after that, one last time (well we had to didn't we? with DD being Jasmine) then said goodbye to the Studios, and headed for the Village and lunch.

    The Rainforest Cafe was the only restaurant DD really wanted to go to this trip, so we chose it for lunch today. The theming in this restaurant is really good, you could look and look and see something new every time you look again. It was the best meal we had all trip too, lovely freshly cooked and very tasty. It wasn't busy either, so the service was fast and excellent. After staying there through 2 thunder and lightning storms:goodvibes , we finished our meal and headed back to the Park.

    It was 2pm when we were starting to walk back up Main Street, when we heard the music for the Character Express, so we stopped to watch it. Its fun, and lovely to watch all the characters on it dancing and fooling around. Baloo was on it, and after he'd picked Stitch up off the Express and carried him then dumped him unceremoniously at the entrance to Adventureland, we followed Baloo for his autograph. No scrumming here either, just little kids having fun with Baloo.

    On to Discoveryland for us then, and onto Buzz with no wait. We picked up fastpass on the way out to do it again too. We had time to go on Its a Small World (again) then back to Buzz. That ride was definitely DD's favourite this trip!

    We got an ice lolly, then walked up to near Bella Notte again, in time for the Parade. Today there was a kind of pre-parade - about 5 minutes before the main Parade started, loads of characters, including Daisy, Pluto, Abu, the monkeys from Jungle Book, the fox from Pinocchio, Friar Tuck etc came out, dancing and greeting the crowds. Friar Tuck gave me a big hug on his way past us :yay: ! We both enjoyed the Parade again today, highlight for DD was Cinderella recognising her from that morning, pointing her out to Prince Charming, and both of them blowing her a kiss!

    We then did Alice's maze, and climbed as high as we could in the Queen of Hearts castle. Quick drink stop at Toad Hall, and we both felt we'd had enough for one day.

    We caught the bus back to the hotel at about 6pm, couldn't summon up the energy to head to the Village for dinner, so we went to the Cantina at the Santa Fe instead. Now, last time I had the buffet dinner there, I vowed it was an experience I'd not rush to repeat. However, at 7pm when we went for dinner there, the place was quiet, there was no hassle, both cashiers were on the tills, and it was actually quite a pleasant, relaxing meal. The food was hot, and there was lots of it. Goofy and Pluto also came out to join us diners, and stayed ages, hugging everyone :grouphug: (including me).

    We did a few last bits of shopping in the giftshop, and then it was back to our room, to pack, set the alarm, and head off to the land of nod one last time in our Santa Fe beds.
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    Aug 14, 2007
    sounds like you had a great time. xx
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    Jan 22, 2006
    Another great day, it was good to hear that you had some lovely interaction with characters too!

    We have never seen Cinemagique (isn't there Animagique too?), must make it our goal next time! :cutie:
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    What a lovely day. :goodvibes

    We didn't get to see Cinemagique until our third trip ~ to think we had been missing out on it until then!! :sad2:

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