Distance from MCO to WDW


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Dec 4, 2001
How long does it take to get from the airport to Disney World? Is Myers (sp?) shuttle service good about being on time?
I would use Tiffany Towncars if you can swing the money. Their driver is waiting for you when you arrive at the luggage claim area and takes you directly to your hotel. You can also arrange for a 30 minute grocery store stop - to pick up bottled water, drinks, etc. Mears is a bus and you have to wait for a full bus before they leave the airport. Then they will stop at every resort that different passengers have reservations. It can be a very time consuming ordeal. Mears charges by the person and Tiffany charges by the car. So if your group has 3 or more in it the price is about the same - but the convenience of Tiffany puts them way over the top!!! I have used both and will stick with Tiffany from now on - but then I am addicted to diet dr. pepper and really had to have the grocery stop.
We also have used Mears, but now use Tiffany. The drive from MCO to your WDW resort should take about 30 minutes when you use Tiffany.
Is the grocery store stop included in the regular rate for Tiffany or is it an additional charge? Thanks!

No charge for the grocery store stop but you do have to ask for it when you make your reservation. [ Tiffany needs to schedule in the time for it] Their web site should answer all your questions. They use to have a coupon at the web site for $5.00 off the price for a new customer. Not sure if it is still there or not.
Also if you have small children you need to ask for car seats if you are not bringing your car seat with you.

Monte, I'm sorry nobody answered your question. The topic sort of went to TTC.

I don't know how far MCO is from WDW but I'm bumping you up because we are renting a car and I'd like to know. We have driven by MCO on our way to WDW from another airport, and my guess is about 20 minutes or so depending on traffic.

As for being "on time" I don't think I've ever seen a post on these boards that anyone missed their flight because of Mears. I may be wrong. They are almost always sitting outside the resorts.

Good Luck finding your answer and have a wonderful trip!

I use the south exit at the airport and tahe the greenway, Rt 417. It usually takes us 25 - 30 minutes to get to the World from MCO. If you take the Beeline to Rt 4, it can take about 35 minutes if there is NO traffic, if there is traffic, as there usually is, it can take up to an hour.
I want to thank everyone for the information, it has been helpfull. Both shuttle companies are a bit pricey, I should call Marriott to see if they have a shuttle service to and from the airport???? Thanks again!
I just noticed you had the wrong name for the shuttle service. It's Mears. They have continous shuttle service or can arrange for town cars. You can check with the Marriott but chances are they rely on Mears. They seem to be the giant in the area. Here's a link to their site which will give you pricing as well.

It's a fair distance from the airport to WDW so there is no inexpensive way to do it. A cab runs about $50 (could be $40-$60).

I know this is a silly question but is Coronado Springs a MK resort?
This newbie just went to the Tiffany website and there is a price differential between Mk resorts and all 'other disney resorts'
it depends how many stops u have with mears

Shortest trip for Mears : 35 minutes
Longest - 1 and a half hours!

So we rented a car and got tehre in 25 minutes


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