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Mar 27, 2004
Disney Skyliner Transportation System

The new gondola based transportation system will transport guests between Epcot, Disney Riviera Resort, Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation, Pop Century, and Hollywood Studios. The gondolas will hold around 8-10 people and is expected to have room for ECVs and strollers.

Each gondola will be themed to Disney characters as evidenced by the concept art below. Each Skyliner station will be themed to its environment as well. Several different characters have been spotted during testing from the Fab Five to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gondolas will NOT have air conditioning. The WILL have a passive ventilation system along with sun reflective windows.

Disney Skyliner opens September 29th, 2019

It is expected that bus transportation to the parks and resorts involved in this new transportation system will decrease or go away altogether.

Here are some expected capacity numbers.

  • 3 busloads = roughly 180 people
  • The Gondola system will take that in about 5 minutes
  • A full bus is about 60-70 people
  • Capacity is rumored to be roughly 4000-5000 people per hour each way
  • That's the equivalent of 40 buses worth to Epcot each hour, and 40 buses worth to DHS
  • Testing shows a gondola leaving the station every 10 seconds
  • Over 300 gondola cabins will be in this system


Edited to add permit photos and more. Thanks to @DanBoris and others on WDWMagic

Skyliner map


Skyliner Stations

Caribbean Beach
The main hub for all Skyliner activity, includes storage and maintenance as well as the connection of all three gondola lines.

Pop Century/Art of Animation
Located in the middle of the bridge over Hourglass Lake, this station will connect you to the Caribbean Beach main station.
Epcot Station
Located at International Gateway, this connects Epcot to the Skyliner system and is part of the CBR-Riviera-Epcot line.

Hollywood Studios Station
Located just outside the main entrance, this connects directly to CBR.

Riviera Station
Located steps away from the new Riviera Resort, this turn station also acts as a load and unload as you are between the CBR station and Epcot station.

Permit images


Area where work will take place at Caribbean Beach.


Orlando Sentinel Info from April 18, 2017

Update: Disney annoucnement

Gondola concept art






Skyliner System Construction Updates/News

Update: The first gondola "tower" has been topped off.

PHOTOS: International Gateway Gondola Station Takes Shape Near Epcot

PHOTOS: Disney Skyliner Station Progress at Art of Animation/Pop Century


PHOTOS: Hand-painted Detail Work Begins on Disney Skyliner Station at Epcot; Final Support Column Arrives Overnight

Officially opens Fall 2019


First look at the cabin

Concept Art for Riviera Station

Cabins on site

Cabin at International Gateway Station

Initial Testing Underway for Disney Skyliner Gondolas – More Details Revealed!

More testing

Land prep around Caribbean Beach regarding Skyliner



Evacuation training/testing

Character wraps unveiled

Disney Characters Fill the Skies with Unwrapping of 55 Disney Skyliner Gondolas at Walt Disney World Resort

DHS station update

Disney Imagineers Ride the Disney Skyliner Gondola System at Walt Disney World

Cast Member Previews Announced for Disney Skyliner Gondola System

Disney Shares First Look of Guests Riding Disney Skyliner

New Joffrey's Location & Exclusive Drink Coming to Disney's Caribbean Beach Skyliner Station


Skyliner Cabins
001 - Red Pluto, Chip and Dale, Mickey and Minnie
017 - Green Ducktales
018 - Green Ducktales

029 - Orange Finding Nemo
041 - Blue Ratatouille
054 - Orange Wreck it Ralph
069 - Orange
070 - Orange
079 - Orange

085 - Teal Princess and the Frog
094 - Teal
117 - Teal
120 - Teal
123 - Teal

125 - Yellow Beauty and the Beast
200 - Red Pluto, Chip and Dale, Mickey and Minnie
201 - Red Chip and Dale, Pluto, Mickey and Minnie
203 - Red Pirates of the Caribbean
205 - Red
206 - Red Pirates of the Caibbran
208 - Red Wreck it Ralph

209 - Purple Haunted Mansion
210 - Purple Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
211 - Purple Monsters Inc.
212 - Purple Stitch
214 - Purple Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
215 - Purple Monsters Inc.

216 - Green Zootopia
217 - Green Ducktales
218 - Green Pete, Goofy, Horace and Clarabelle
219 - Winnie the Pooh

222 - Red Toy Story
223 - Red Peter Pan

224 - Orange Finding Nemo
225 - Red Finding Nemo
226 - Red Toy Story
227 - Red Peter Pan

228 - Blue Ratatouille
229 - Blue Guardians of the Galaxy
230 - Blue Star Wars
231 - Blue Beauty and the Beast
232 - Blue Guardians of the Galaxy
233 - Blue Frozen
234 - Blue Beauty and the Beast

235 - Orange Coco
238 - Orange Finding Nemo
239 - Orange Toy Story
240 - Orange Wreck it Ralph
241 - Orange Star Wars
243 - Orange
244 - Orange
245 - Orange
246 - Orange
250 - Orange
251 - Orange
253 - Orange
256 - Orange Peter Pan
257 - Orange Finding Nemo
259 - Orange Stitch
261 - Orange
262 - Orange
263 - Orange
266 - Orange
271 - Orange

273 - Teal Frozen
274 - Teal Moana
276 - Teal
278 - Teal
279 - Teal
281 - Teal
282 - Teal
284 - Teal Princess and the Frog
286 - Teal
288 - Teal
289 - Teal Ratatouille
290 - Teal Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
294 - Teal
298 - Teal
300 - Teal
304 - Teal

306 - Yellow Pete, Goofy, Horace, and Clarabelle
307 - Yellow Beauty and the Beast
310 - Yellow Guardians of the Galaxy
312 - Yellow Winnie the Pooh
315 - Yellow
317 - Yellow
320 - Yellow Pete, Goofy, Horace, and Clarabelle
324 - Yellow Guardians of the Galaxy
329 - Yellow
334 - Yellow
335 - Yellow
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Feb 19, 2016
It's happening.

It's a little ridiculous how excited I am getting the more I think about this. Looking at the planned routes on the map, the Gondola entrance would be the International Gateway in Epcot, but I can't really tell where it would be for DHS. Love that there is a stop between POP and AoA, but I expect that will increase prices for those resorts.
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Aug 21, 2011
I remember the Gondolas at MK, we loved those things. This configuration seems odd to me but I'm guessing its to make the new DVC more attractive to buyers.


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Feb 19, 2016
It also "appears" to be a stop at CBR.:)

Yes! That would support the idea of a DVC deluxe tower replacing the Barbados (right?) section of CBR. Since CBR is a moderate resort, adding direct access to two parks would go along with added amenities for DVC. That's why I was surprised to see any access for POP and AoA, since they are value resorts. I haven't really had time to keep up with the entire CBR DVC thread, so all that may be thoroughly discussed already.


Aug 13, 2014
It's a little ridiculous how excited I am getting the more I think about this. Looking at the planned routes on the map, the Gondola entrance would be the International Gateway in Epcot, but I can't really tell where it would be for DHS. Love that there is a stop between POP and AoA, but I expect that will increase prices for those resorts.

The one at DHS looks like it is near the current main entrance.


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Jul 20, 2015
So, this kind of combines threads, but is this the building at CBR and no DVC is going in?


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Apr 20, 2011
I like the idea of linking Epcot to HS without having to either walk or go through IG to Beach Club to take the boat.

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