Disney lodging for teenage girl and boy

cindy kay

Earning My Ears
Apr 9, 2001
We are going to DW in June. We need lodging for my DH and myself, my daughter and her boyfriend. We need separate beds for them (of course). What is available within a moderate price range? Are there any discounts? Thanks so much, Cindy ckay_1220@hotmail.com
I have a teenage son & daughter who obviously need separate beds too. We have stayed at Wilderness Lodge & will do so again this summer because you can get a room with 1 queen & 1 set of bunk beds. This is more expensive than the moderates(CBR, PO & CSR) which only have 2 doubles or 1 king. Yet WL is not as expensive as the other deluxe resorts. AKL is the same setup as WL. I don't know about discounts at WL for June, but if you have annual passport or are Disney Club members you can get a great discount this summer for the AKL since it is brand new. Another choice might be bungalow at Disney Institute. There are 2 queens in bedroom & a sleep sofa in living room, so boyfriend cd more or less have room to himself. There are good rates available there. Not much theming at DI, but is nice & quiet & very easy to get to DD for shopping & eating which my teenagers really like.

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Fort Wilderness cabins have a bedroom separate from the living room and in the living room there is a murphy bed.

You should define what a "moderate price range" is in order to get better responses.
Forgive this unwarranted comment, but... teenage girlfriend and boyfriend. One hotel room.... two beds....
It wasn't too long ago that I was a teenager, and I can guarantee you that one of the beds will never get used.
Again, PLEASE don't take this the wrong way. I just wanted to say that if you are concerned, they should have separate rooms. (even then it's tricky!)
We just came back from WDW. Brought son and girlfriend. We had connecting rooms and left the door OPEN! No worries and no problems! BTW, we stayed off site, MOWC. But i would recommend connecting rooms at CS or DxL. Good luck!

with enough beds.....at least I hope so. Anyway you may want to just have your hubby sleep with the boyfriend and you and your daughter share a bed...or get two rooms, one for the boys, one for the girls, adjoining. I know that isnt fun for yoou and the hubby but with teenagers around not much chance for the kind of fun anyway...lol!!!
How about off site at Hifs...they have two room classic suites with a queen sized bed in each room,plus a living room, you could put the boyfriend on the couch bed in the living room, so you would have tons of space and you and the hubby could share a room of your own. We are staying there in May and it got rave reviews on the Orlando board, plus its pretty cheap we are staying for 110.00 per night and breakfast and shuttles to the parks are included in that....check it out!!!

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You can get a rollaway at Alligator Bayou in Port Orleans Riverside. If you can step up to a Deluxe, like say the Contemporary, the sofa is also a bed.

Uh, I have 3 daughters and you guys have me terrified! I vote 2 rooms at the All Stars...you, Dad, and daughter in one room, boyfriend can have his own tv and bathroom! You must really like this boyfriend to be taking him along, or are you concerned about the phone charges if you don't?(LOL)Have fun! ;)
Try the Holiday Inn Family Suites. This Resort is so close to the Lake Buena Vista [ebcot road] Disney gates that It felt like it was on Disney Property.And the Disney Themeing was great,very wimsical!!

And there is Loads of things to do to keep teenagers busy!!FREE Breakfast till 11:30am. They have Family Kareoke,Family Bingo, For $5.00 you can rent Nintendo 64 games for 24 hr., for the Machine in the Kid Suite,there is a Cd player, and there are TV's in the Livingroom,masterbedroom,and Kid suite[has bunk beds].

There is a king bed in the Master suite, A fold down couch in the Livingroom, and the 2 bunks and a trundle in the kid suite.

We had our two Daughters 22 and 14,and our Grandchild 13 mo. plus my DH and ME!! and we were very very comfortable in this Resort. :cool: :D

We cannot afford the deluxe resorts, so hubby and I share a bed. Son (6'1"") gets the other. Daughter gets an Aerobed we bring from home. Inflates to the size of a single bed, slides under one of the beds everyday when we leave the resort. This works out great for us! (we bring our own sheets and use the bedspread from one of the beds for her if she needs it) The aerobed also works great for sleepovers and extra guests at home!¿ :)


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