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Earning My Ears
Apr 5, 2001
Used to be the MKC card....
Can anyone give me the link for ordering the card online...AND..do I need ONLY for myself or for ALL members in my party???
Thanks in advance!!
I just got a postcard about renewing my membership. Here are the #s to renew; I'm assuming you can call to enroll also...
1-888-347-6394 or 1-913-752-1080 HTH :)
Hi! The Disney Club website is www.disneyclub.com

I signed up online - they emailed me my club number immediately and I received my kit in the mail a week later.




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Thanks so much for the assistance...U guys are the greatest....'cept for Mickey that is!!!!
If you have a large household it will pay for itself VERY quickly. Especially if you remember to buy your souvineers at Downtown Disney :)

Thanks for noticin me.

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What kinds of discounts have you found that seem pretty good? Originally, I bought the card last winter thinking I would get hotel discounts -- ended up with huge discounts with an Annual Pass, and the local AAA office has better pricing on 5 Day Hopper than I could get with the Disney Card.

I understand that the Disney retail store will discount - what, about 10%? So where else have you saved money?


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