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Apr 29, 2001
We are planning a trip in the fall of 2002. I have read this site and others and their seems to be code type words in regards to discounts. Are there specific questions or codes you ask when calling for a reservation. I'm new to the internet and don't know all the lingo. We want to stay at a "deluxe" hotel and want to find the best discount. We are also airline folks and can always use that discount and disney club members. Any suggestions? PS one child is autistic, any do's and don'ts from others?:)
codes r on this site , for when u call central reservations
ar 1-407 -w disney ...
look under disney resorts and then add to your favorites the change all the time
Hygiene99 has directed you to the right place to look for some of the codes that you mentioned. Hopefully you will find something that works for your time and your needs.
I suggest that you take a look at our disABILITIES Board. (just go to the drop down menu at the bottom of this page and you will find a listing for that board. Just click on it and you will be there! ) Perhaps you will find some suggestions and do or don'ts for your son.
Good Luck! And again...WELCOME!
Thanks for the reply's. I've since spoken to several families with special kids and will let folks know of any inside "tips". We have so far stayed at CB, GF, Poly, WL(4x) and hopefully WL again.


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