DIS CON 1 attendees share your fave memory......


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Aug 18, 1999
OK, I will start. My fave memory included good friends on the thrill ride meet. What a fun day that was. But one moment of that day will stick in my mind....We got our fast pass tickets for testrack and came back about an hour later. We only waited in line about 5 minutes. In our car was Patrick, Kate and I in the front, and Tommy and Marsha separated by the holy spirit in the back. I say that because I found it odd that they sat on oppisite sides of the car...little did I know what we were getting into. Well, as soon as the car took off, our calm, cool, sophisticated, Queen of the DIS screamed at the top of her lungs til the END! She loves the ride, but feels compelled to scream her ever loving lungs out through it. No wonder Tommy sat way over on the other side. I have a picture I will look for and post of this. I laughed the entire time....


The other wonderful memory I have is of PatrickIL. Tommy, Marsha and I watching Illuminations the first night. We stopped as we walked and ended up on a bench after the American pavillion. The 4 of us ended up swaying back and forth with the music...just one of those moments you seem to never forget....

What great memories,great laughs and great friends.....

Ok, who is next???
Wish I could share one, but I can't! :(

So, I will just love reading all the other ones instead!! :)

Great picture, glo!! :)
I have many.. one of my faves was standing in jellyrolls that first night with many of you singing our hearts out, especially to Sweet Caroline.. I do not think I will ever forget that night. Also the illumination dessert party was very special to me, it is something that I have wanted to do since I found out that you could rent that area and have a party there.. so that was incredible...and it was of course the night that you all honored Linda, Nathan and I, it was truly special... Thanks again everyone.. you make me smile.. :)
Beating my golfer husband at mini golf. I had not been in probably 10 years and kept getting holes-in -ones. too funny. I really enjoyed the desert party at Epcot and listening to Dayna telling Pete about the "strange man" that wanted to follow her around.

Illuminations on the French Island, hands down. I don't think I've ever felt as happy and content as I did on that night.

Silliest moment: Ray and his "big dogs".
There are so many... but my favorite has to be when we went to the Adventures Club and SSB's version of Old MacDonald. I couldn't stop laughing. "And on his farm he had a..... spider" LOL

Also meeting up with other DISers at the parks who had children so my kids could have new friends to share these memories with.

I think the trill tours day was the highlight of my trip, we had such a wonderful time and a great group. The test track ride was er...um interesting- LOL the queen had a ball:D The first night at Jellyrolls was such a rush also. I also so enjoyed going off to France for deserts after the opening reception, a spur of the moment thing that turned out wonderful. There are so many memories but I think the best part was meeting all these folks- face to face, that experience you can not duplicate ever. :)
Yep...first night for me, too. The opening reception was great. Then a small group of us walked to Epcot to see the British Invasion. Then desserts/chocolate milk in France (thanks, LionKing!), and finally Illuminations from the bridge - with very few people (it seemed) in Epcot that night. And AFTER THAT....a bigger bunch of us met up at Jellyrolls!!!! :D That was one great night! :)
I really loved meeting the group for the first time for dinner at Whispering Canyon. :D

I also LOVED riding Splash Mt. in front of Tia & Livia on their "maiden" voyage! :earseek:
Because I was at DIS CON unofficially, my vote is for DATW. Who can forget SpoungeBob? SpoungeBob worked best when in the hands of JayPD. In order to understand the significance of this, you had to be at the e-night over Memorial Day weekend last year - we had a rather large group together, and, in order to keep the group together, Jay would wave his baseball cap around to signal that the group is moving on. So, to see SpoungeBob with JayPD was a great memory for me!
The illuminations dessert party gets my vote. I have never been in such a great spot, for viewing illuminations! The desserts where great too!
<font face="comic sans ms"> I'm not sure I can narrow it down to one favorite.

1. Meeting everyone for the first time at Whispering Canyon.
3. Getting "lost" on the tram with Carol and Steve.
4. The Illuminations Party.
5. All the rest of the memories.

I know. I cheated.
Pete's comments at the opening reception were very special and I think reminded us of what a great place this is!

My fav event was the desert party at Illuminations.! I felt so "special" getting to go down there and eat and watch the show! That was also the night Tammy and I met the Cheerleaders which might have something to do with my happiness!
My favorite memory was my group of guests enjoying all of the different events put on by the DIS convention. Not knowing exactly what to expect, it was a first for all of us but my mind was quickly put at ease by the friendliness of everyone and how welcome they made all of us feel.
I was a bit nervous the first night, but found myself happy to meet so many other DISers and just started feeling like I had known everyone for quite some time. And, I am happy to say that I enjoy the chats a lot more now that I have faces to go with many of the names.
I did enjoy the scavenger hunt, even tho it exhausted my mind, but I think my overall favorite was the Illuminations Dessert Party - ask anyone - I luv dessert!
ANother awesome moment. Was when a bunch of us were at Kareoke and got up to sing "WE ARE FAMILY". So many of us went up that we were told to many of the stage. I remember CC, JayPD myself and PatrickIL doing a kick line as we sang our hearts out in the front. What a great memory...that night had lots of great memories!!! Patrick??? How about those bathrooms?
The bathrooms are located right outside Kimonos, can be confusing to someone who have only been on sight for 4 days or so, a common mistake:rolleyes:
Wow! Glo, tough question. :) There were so many great things that happened before, during and after DIS-CON. I have to agree meeting everyone that first night at Whispering Canyon and then doing the resort tour was a riot. It was amazing how we all fell into a comfortable step together right from the start. I love that. The opening ceremony was special, too. It brought our whole group together in one room, with Pete leading us. Of course, we can't forget Towncrier's bell ringing to "officially" open the convention! Jellyrolls was fantastic. I haven't had fun like that in ages. Singing and dancing are some of my favorite things to do! And, it was so much better sharing it with great friends. Our thrill ride tour was great, too. We drove poor Barry nuts with our scavenger hunting, but boy was that fun. I especially liked meeting up with Patrick's group and we ALL rode Space Mountain together! The dessert party at Fantasmic, the tea at Grand Floridian, the ToT marathon, dinner at France,followed by our own private Illuminations were all amazing and wonderful events. Each has a special memory and holds a special place in my heart. My funniest favorites were getting stuck on Splash Mountain-I thought I'd never stop laughing. Then there was Ray's "big dogs" (yes, Steve-that was a rip roaring riot)!!!!! I thought Tia, Sandra and I would wet our pants on that one!!!!! And, after the convention a group of us did MVMCP! Well, we laughed throughout the entire night. Towncrier (John) knew all the welcoming words to most of the rides and proceeded to quote every one of them! We just laughed ourselves silly. We got to ride Splash Mountain three times in a row, and at every drop (big or little) Tia and I went "woohoo". How silly and funny is that?!!? I'm so glad I got to be a part of a very special convention! Can't wait to do it again!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
Patrick dear????

After ONLY 4 days and you could not find the bathroom from your seat at Kimono's? It was a staight shot...lol. Ok, maybe next time we will give you a road map, OK? Then you will be sure not to get lost. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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