DIS Boards upgrade on Saturday the 25th & Info on new features.

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Sounds like something a camping trip could cure!
Feb 10, 2008
This weekend we're going to be upgrading our forum software to the latest version, Xenforo 2. The boards will be unavailable starting on Saturday at 3 pm eastern. We anticipate they will be back online Saturday night if there are no technical issues with the transfer. Once the forums are back online, the design team will be working on them, so they may not look like "our forums" right away. While we are upgrading the software, this new version does have some major differences - mainly that it is designed with a priority on mobile devices. There are also many new features with this version of Xenforo, including expanded emojii options, enhanced editing features and better integration with social media among them.

While we don't expect any major downtime, with any migration to a new platform, things can happen - so we ask for your patience and understanding as we undergo this enhancement.

The "boards closed" message will be used for updates if there are any issues.

That will be right in prime hi jinx time at the DIS Meet at GSP. I hope we can hold out posting all the entertainment. :D

I think this was on purpose.

I mean, why else would this get done on Memorial Day weekend? I can't help it we have more fun than the other groups.

Shame, I'm sure something really crazy is going to happen that night too.

Love it, so much faster on my laptop. How is it posting from your phones?
There are two new features of the new forum software.

First, is image uploading. The software now will resize and compress photos up to 10mb. WebMasters are still tweaking the settings, so keep that in mind.

Second, is the bookmark feature. This is a great tool to help with trip planning. On the upper right corner of every thread is a little 'bookmark' icon. Clicking on that will allow you to bookmark that thread, give it some custom tags to make it easier to find and save it to your bookmarks area. You can find your bookmarks by clicking on your username in the menu bar (top right of the page) and then selecting 'bookmarks' next to 'Your account'. It's a simple feature, but one that I think will really help people during the research phases of their trip.
Look is good, speed is faster. Seems to be doing well.

Only problem I find is that you can't select a particular page of a thread from the title. It used to be you could select page 7 of a thread, now you have to open thread, scroll all way to bottom and then select which page.

Webmaster Judy said it wasn't like that for her but others posted same as me. I'm sure they'll get that fixed though.

I'm able to choose the page number at the thread title, but maybe they have fixed that since this morning.

I would like to test the photo upload though because that has been my biggest roadblock to posting on trip report threads.


For some odd reason, it's turning the photo onto it's side. No matter what I try to do, it keeps turning the photo onto it's side. I have tried resaving, rotate and resave, nothing is working.
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So, it just rotated the pics from my PC, this is a test from my phone and it seems to work fine.

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