Dining Plan Problem this past weekend

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by missymagic, Apr 3, 2006.

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    Sep 9, 2005
    Was able to go home this weekend for a mommy weekend get away and we decided to try the dining plan for Sat and Sun. Sun morning we checked out and we went to a counter service restaurant for lunch and they told us we checked out and do not have the dining plan. I told them we did it was paid in full for 2 days etc. The restaurant had to get a manager and then they called the BWV they confirmed we had the plan and assured us there would not be any more problems for the day. Te manager was great it took about a half hour but she got our lunch straightened out.

    Then we had dinner at Spoodles and guess what you guessed it the problems we were told wouldn't happen again happened. They gave me a harder time at Spoodles and we even stayed at BWVs. 20 minutes later after our waitress was playing middleman with the manager we asked to speak to her, next thing we know our waitress comes back with our receipt put throught the system and it says guest rejected across the bottom. So we went up to guest relations at DVC counter and it came up on their system that we had 2 table service meals left. They ended up correcting everything at guest relations. Not a good way to end the last day at Disney.

    They don't know why this happened but just be aware that is can happen. Everything worked out in the end but it took time at every location.

    Overall the plan was GREAT!! We saved so much money.
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    Thanks for letting us know - hopefully your experience will promprt them to fix whatever "bug" there was in the system.

    Glad you enjoyed the trip.

    Best wishes -

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