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    disclaimer my numbers may be off + or - but I think for us they are pretty durn close!

    230 days to go.. just entered the calendar year of the trip..yes I am excited.

    I read on the board about a new offer.. room only discount 25% off for my dates.. so I needed to crunch some numbers.

    We have 2 resssies at POP.. about $1000 each..so $2000.. "free" dining. We spend $440 to upgrade from the QS to the regular DDP..

    here's where the math comes in.. I can save $500 on the ressies.. add in the $440 we spent to upgrade the food plan.. that is $940 total.. I needed to see if what we had planned for potential meals made that savings up...or if we lost or broke even.

    here's the run down

    10 TS meal credits ( x 4 adults and 3 kids)

    Hoop Dee Doo ( Definitely happening) 2 Credits or $331 cash
    CRT Breakfast ( Def) 2 Credits or $286 cash
    Coral Reef (Def) 1 Credit or approx $177 cash ( did not include drinks)
    Sci Fi (Def) 1 Credit or approx $146 cash
    Tony's for a Grand Gathering (most likely) 1 Credit or $215 cash
    Donald's Safari (maybe) 1 Credit or $127 cash
    Crystal Palace (maybe) 1 Credit or $150 cash
    Whispering Canyon ( maybe) 1 Credit or approx $156 cash

    So Table Service meals alone would be $1588 with the DDP

    Now on to CS we have 10 credits X 7 people.. I reviewed a few menus and just rounded off what I thought we'd spend on the DDP total for the 10 days:( if those numbers are off please correct me)
    $15 a meal x 4 adults x 10 days =$600
    $7 a meal x 3 kids x 10 days= $210

    Snacks I figured $3.50 per snack x $70 snacks= $245

    Grand total of food ON the "free" DDP is $2643

    So if you take what I spent on upgrading which is $440 then we are getting
    $2203 worth of food "free".. even subtracting the $500 I could save on the rooms that's still $1703 worth of food FREE!

    Now in the interest of showing both sides I am going to say this.. if we didn't have the DDP we would def eat a little different..so here's those numbers:

    4 TS meals..
    Hoop Dee doo at $331
    Cinderella's Royal Table at $286
    Coral Reef at $177
    Sci Fi at $146
    total for the 4 TS meals I know we would def do is $740

    now for CS I know I would share with my mother but my DH and teen would never share so that would bring us to $15 x 3 x 10 = $450

    Add in we would need 6 more CS meals for the no TS days and that adds another $15 x 3 x 6 = $270

    My little ones would like share two meals between em for CS so we have
    $7 x 2 x 10 = $140

    Add in the 6 extra days we need a 2nd CS meal and that's
    $7 x 2 x 6 = $84

    Snacks I think would be about half

    So OOP food would cost us $1809

    If we ditched the DDP and got the room only discount and ate only a few TS meals and split CS meals we'd lose approx $869 worth of food.. so YES the "free" dining is worth it to us according to my math.( potentially more because my 3 wee ones may be much hungrier than I expect

    Now I admit I don't know all the ins and outs since it's been a long time since I was at WDW..but I know how my family eats and I also know if I am going I want to do some of the things we loved before ( HDD ) and things I want my younger ones to experience ( CRT).

    I think we will stick with our free dining ressies!
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    I wish we'd booked during free dining! :(

    Looks like your dates are pretty close to ours (the first of Spet for us) Where did you read about the discount? I can't find anything for our dates, so a 25% savings would be better than nothing!

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