Did everyone get their Vacation Magic?


Disneyholic and SSR/BCV DVC Member
Aug 6, 2002
I live in Wisconsin and have not received my Vacation Magic yet, has everyone else. What should I do if I haven't received it?

Judy :D
have not received it here in PA. They usually take at least a couple weeks to reach everybody.
Live in the Chicago area, and ours hasn't shown up either. I keep running to the mailbox every day, hoping it will get here. Oh well, patience!

I'm still waiting for our planner, let alone the Vacation Magic.

I just got my vacation magic in Central Illinois last Friday, so they are on the way. :D

Deb & Bill, you haven't got your planner yet? :guilty: I think I would call member services and ask them to fork one over.
VM arrived in Phoenix, AZ on Monday 11/29. Got the planner about a month ago.
Still waiting here (in Michigan). I can always use more reading material (away from the computer)!
Live in Milwaukee and received it a few days ago (don't know exactly when).
Hmm...I'm in Phx, and haven't gotten mine yet. :guilty:


We live in Texas. No new planner or VM. Hopefully, all of us will get them soon.


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