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Jan 29, 2001
I just read in the paper today that Disney Co. is slashing 3% of their jobs due to the recession. I am sort of shocked, but got to thinking that maybe they'll start giving us northerners some kind of discount!!! ;) What does everybody else thin about this??
I read that they would be cutting 4,000 jobs across the company, and several Disney stores seem to be slated for closing. I only wish it would translate into savings for Canadians, but last year the incentive was even less than usual, since the "buy 1 get 1 half price" passes weren't valid in the fall. Here's hoping, though.


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I agree that if the parks are hurting you bet it can be partly due to our dollar, lack of deals, and maybe even the cost of fuel. If they want us Canadians to go there they should give us more incentives to get there. We would love to go again soon - but not until the $ rebounds a little!
My3princesses, I am in total agreeance. I would love to be able to return every year, but when $1000 dollars is really only $600, and you need about $6500 to go, well, I'm sure you get the idea. I know Disney does appreciate it's international visitors but sometimes I wish they would give us some incentives - you know what I mean?

Last August I took $4000 to be transferred into travellers cheques, and left with $3000!!! $1000 just flew out the door - I was amazed!
I remember getting my credit card bill after our trip in '99. WOW!! I will be bringing a lot more dollars instead of depending on credit cards next time we go to track my dollars better. Sometimes our dollar does really stink.


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