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Jul 20, 2013
We are interested in two different trips for next summer. One is a lot more expensive than the other, and we are not sure which we will go with. I have one reserved already and I’m past 14 days. Am I able to make a new reservation for the other and then move my deposit on one of the reservations to the other at some point before the PIF date? I’m not ready to decide, really, and I don’t want the price on the second trip I’m considering to go up or my date to sell out. I assume the answer is no, but thought I’d check here before asking ABD.


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Dec 29, 2013
Which country or trip are you thinking of going on ......... better response could be given if we knew that ?


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Oct 28, 2006
I believe this these are the answers. For the first part of your question, you can always make a second reservation. But you will have to put a deposit on it, I believe within 24 hours, or you will lose the reservation. And after 14 days, that second deposit would become non-refundable, also. So you'd have 2 deposits. I do not believe that you could then move the first deposit to the second trip, since there's already a deposit on the second trip. I'm pretty sure you have to move the deposit as a deposit on a new trip. (You can move deposits once before paid in full, I believe). I've moved my deposit (from the Central Europe ABD to the Danube River cruise ABD) but I moved it as a deposit, not a payment.

I really think you should call ABD and ask them exactly how it works now. But I'm about 90% sure that's how it works. (But I've been proven wrong before! :) )



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Sep 3, 2014
You can move a deposit before PIF to a new trip, and pay any difference if higher. You cannot move a deposit to another trip that already has a deposit.

ABD does not want you having two trips reserved at the good price and then only taking one. Once you are past the 14 days that money goes to a new trip or you lose it.

This is current practice as of about 3 weeks ago when I asked about it re: my NYC trip that got canceled.


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