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Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by loriandmatt, Mar 12, 2001.

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    Hi there
    Let me give you a little backgound so you will understand my question more fully.
    We went "high on the hog" our previous trip to WDW, and now i have the bug and MUST return. We want to go a more econonical route and fell in love with the campgound when we toured it last Sept. We are considering in investing in a pop up that we would use for other camping trips as well as what we hope to make fairly regular trips to WDW. We will probably always go during Value seasons (We loved Sept, little crowds, not too much rain and not too hot.)

    I have read some posts here stating that the new DC program may not offer discounts in the camping area or at least a limited amount of discounted spaces. That leaves me with some concerns.

    OK, so here are my questions...

    1.) Do you save more on park tickets and campsites through AAA or The DC?

    2.) Are there limitations and restricted seasons on both or just the DC?

    3.) is the new DC program a yearly renewal thing or is it good for two years like the old MKC? And if you do have to renew each year, is there a reduced rate for renewing as opposed to someone joining for the first time?

    Any answers would be appreciated and if more particulars are needed to give an acurate answer just ask.

    thanks so much - lori
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    Sep 12, 1999
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    We studied this same dilemma in January and chose AAA for our family. The tickets were cheaper at our local AAA than DC and we weren't able to get a DC discount for August but we did get a great AAA rate - cheaper than for our trip last October where we used our MKC card.

    You need to call DC and AAA with the dates you want and the tickets you want to purchase, then compare. I made a bunch of phone calls to help us decide. We saved with AAA and have the added bonus of towing/road service for the year, plus the maps, and literature and discount tickets to museums and parks in our local area.

    Good luck!
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    DC won't be able to check availability for you unless you have a membership number.

    Campsites are 20% off during value season (for 2001 1/01-2/14, 8/05-12/20), but they are limited in availability.

    I have heard from 2 cm's that AAA and DC discounted rooms/sites come out of the same block, but I am not sure about this. What I mean is that there are a certain number of discounted rooms available, and they can be reserved by either AAA or DC members.

    AAA costs more to join each year, but you also get road service, which I would think you would want if you're driving with your family & a pop up! You also get free maps.

    DC is annual also.

    I don't know much about ticket prices. I think the hopper pass discounts are about the same. AAA doesn't have annual pass discounts.

    Hope that helps a little!
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    I don't know anything about the AAA discounts, but I was reading above and I wanted to add something to the DC discount benifits. With the DC membership, you also get big discounts on the Hoop de do review, the miniture golf, and Pleasure Island. These three things are a must on our vacation in June. There are also discounts at the Disney stores, several places to eat, and the tours.
    Hope this helps.
    One more thing. If you are going to be with another family or two, you can make up to 3 campsite reservations on your one DC membership. We are three families going in June for 9 days. Do the math. 10% off of 3 sites for 9 days saved us over $160 in campsite fees alone.


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