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Aug 24, 2000
Could you help me the question of DC discount for the Premium AP?
I read the prices for the tickets on this web page. It is described Premium Annual Pass Price is $497.17(included tax) and it’s DC price is $475.94(included tax).
I received The Disney (Club) Catalog which delivered 2/19 to 2/23, this catalog involved discount coupons. One of these coupons is described “ Save $20 on the Walt Disney World Premium AP”.
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I don't know for sure, but I highly doubt that Disney would give you double the discount. If you are a Disney Club member, you should call DC Services at 1-800-933-3975 and ask them.


Tammy aka Kaa
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I just called them to ask about this since i have the same magazine as well and i didnt even notice it in there!! The CM was stumped at first, then went to check. She said all it was really doing was letting everyone know that you do get a discount on the pass. Even thought the discount is about $22, It only lists $20 to give an idea about it. She said a lot of people do not know that you even get a discount with the card. So unfortunatly, you cannot use the card and coupon, just the regular DC discount of $475.97 adult and $404.94 for children :(



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Thank you for kind reply.
I live in Tokyo Japan, I tried to do call direct DC, but I do not often for difference time.
your comments are helpful for me.

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