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    We are going to WDW and on DCL. We have a 3 day park hopper that will be used for 2 days before our cruise departs and one day the day our cruise returns (both times we are staying at WDW resorts). Now I've checked twice that our tickets can be used this way (it can, purchased before the new rules). What I don't know is if we have to reapply for the DAS for our day in the parks after the cruise. The cruise is only 4 nights, so we would be revisiting the parks about 5 days after we used the DAS at the beginning.

    Similarly, we've used DAS once before last April. Do we need to do the whole explanation thing again or will they just look us up in the system?
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    You will only have to go applay for the DAS one time as the DAS is good for 60 days you can dubble check this with the CM when you first get it but you should be fine

    about 98% of the time i just let the CM know I have had a DAS before the other times I just say about one sentence and they are going ok let me get started for you.
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