Cruise and then WDW or WDW then cruise?


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Jul 18, 2004
I am a new DVC owner planning way ahead for next December. I'd like to try a 3, 4 or 5 day cruise and a few nights at WDW (no parks). Is there a suggested order of booking? i.e. Should we go on the cruise and then come back for a few days of relaxing (I'm thinking AKV or BCV)? Or cruise second?

I'm not sure how many cruise days/night yet either - depends on the schedule. I have gone back to school to get my MBA, and I gradaute on Dec 13, 2008 (if not before then).

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions...
If you are not planning on doing any parks, then my suggestion would be to do the cruise (try at least the 4-day as the 3-day is really too short!) and then you'll still have WDW. DCL is such a great experience and it can be VERY depressing to be asked to leave (I go kicking and screaming) the ship at the end of the cruise. Having a little something to look forward to softens the blow. If you planned to do the parks, I would suggest doing WDW first as you can then relax on the cruise. Sounds like you're going to relax all around!!:cool1:
We are doing DW for 2 days before our 3 day cruise on Jan. 3, 08 with DCL Wonder. Cruising is more relaxing for us...vs. DW. Even though we don't plan on doing any Theme parks on the 2 days before the cruise...still DW has so much to offer in other activities.
i will do wdw before the cruise.lets say your plane is late you might miss the ship if you were to do the cruise first.

Definately WDW first, we did the 7 day land and sea and it was so nice to relax after tackling the parks commando style!:cool1: :cool1:
Personal opinion, but we prefer the parks first.

Parks are a lot of work (walking, etc.) and still require planning and effort on Mom's part to keep everyone happy. We love the dining plan in the parks, but still requires effort. The ship is wonderful to relax and be pampered. The kids get used to being waited on while on the cruise--Mickey bars whenever they want them, towel on bathroom floor being magically replaced, etc. I've found that when we hit the parks after the cruise, the kids still expect the level of service they had on the ship. One of my favorite lines was, "Do I look like Micho?" When we go home after the cruise, the re-entry to the real world is easier.

I also like the fact that IF something terrible happens, I won't miss the cruise. My logic is that if I am at WDW, then somehow I'll be on the cruise. If I'm at home and there is a weather/plane/etc. emergency, I could theoretically not get to the ship.
I agree!! WDW first!!

We did land/sea last month (parks first) and the cruise was a welcome chance to relax (our feet were ready for the break!). We said over and over again how glad we were to have done the parks first. :thumbsup2

Yeah Jackie, I know...

I just figured for the price of a 3-day ticket, DH would rather golf, rent boats at one of the marinas, etc. I guess I also neglected to mention that (as a piggy-back to my graduation), I want to move to FL, so it would give us some time to check out the neighborhoods we've been looking at online.

Of course, if we buy an AP for the upcoming trip, we could squeeze a few days out of it for next December.


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