Crowds for April 8th-April 13th


Earning My Ears
Apr 13, 2000
How are the crowds going to be at IOA for April 8th through the 13th? I know it's spring break and all so I'm figuring a lot of people will be there.


DIS Veteran
Mar 8, 2000
It will most likely be extremely crowded that week. One good thing about IOA is that you don't have to be on a ride to enjoy the park. You can simply wander the park and enjoy the theming. When you come across an attraction with a short wait - do it.

If I was you I would plan on staying from open(8am ??) to close (10pm??) and just taking my time. Hit Spiderman and Hulk first, then head towards the back of the park. Do some shopping / dining during the afternoon to get out of the crowds and heat. After 7pm the park shoul start to empty out.

Enjoy your trip,

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Mar 16, 2001
Are you kidding Richard? The place will be a zoo!!! I'll be there then to, but who cares? After all, it's Spring Break; crowds are part of the fun. Be waiting in line w/you...


Earning My Ears
Apr 15, 2000
Great question Richard!! Suprisingly, I will be there those days Too!!! Wow! Hey you want to meet up somehwere? We can go on the rides together. Would you mind if I brought a friend? Any way to kind of answer your question, it may be crowded, but not too crowded(I'm hoping.)
So my offer still stands about meeting up. But for all those other people out there, will it really be very crowded there? A bunch of friends and I went last spring break, and it wasn't too bad. What do you guys think? See ya at IOA Rich!



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