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Aug 1, 2017
Now that I have made our must-do ADRs and we are just about 100 days away from check-in at POR, I've started drafting our itinerary for DH and I's January Disney trip. This is to celebrate our third (!) anniversary and we will be trying to slow down a little and enjoy some of the things we missed last time. We are okay skipping some of the big stuff like Fantasmic and HEA if needs be. I'm trying to not over-schedule while still making sure we get to do our must-dos. I would appreciate some more eyes on our itinerary to see if there is anything I haven't accounted for. The exact order of attractions will of course change once I get FPs but I will try and keep our park days and dining the same. We plan to get 8 day park hoppers for maximum flexibility.

Sunday - Arrival Day/MK
Arrive at POR around 1. MK for anytime attractions and FPs in Adventureland before dinner at Skipper Canteen @ 6. HEA at 8, back to the resort for bed. (Or, we will call an audible on fireworks and just hang out at Disney Springs/explore the resort, depending on how tired we are from traveling. I really want to try Skipper Canteen though!).

Monday - AK
RD AK at 8 am. Do NRJ/FOP (whichever I can't get a FP for), then do rides, whatever we can get with FP and standby. Tiffins and Nomad Lounge @ 12. Do other Pandora ride with FP. If not too tired, do animal trails, anytime attractions, and shows, or back to resort for break. Return for RoL at 6:30 pm. Dinner at Satuli Canteen, then hop in the FOP standby line right before park close at 8 pm.

Tuesday - DHS - Star Wars Day!
(Before we head to parks, check out of POR, send bags to Riviera with bell services)
Possibly - RD GE or TSL at 9 am - depends on how FP availability is, how tired we are from the night before, and how everything is shaking out with Rise of the Resistance having opened in December. Will try to get FPs for non-GE stuff in the late morning. 50s Prime Time for lunch at 11:45, explore around GE, do Droid Depot at 2:35 (might drop this), Savi's at 3:50, and Oga's at 5:40. Dinner from one of the QS in GE. I am hoping we can work in a standby wait for at least one of the GE rides in the afternoon and we'll see the Galactic Spectacular at park close at 8. If the Spectacular isn't running anymore, I'll get in line for whatever GE ride we were't able to ride in standby earlier that day. Check in to Riviera after DHS closes and unpack.

Wednesday - Relax/EP in afternoon
Sleep in then take Skyliner to EP for lunch in WS. FP Frozen in afternoon then explore WS and Festival of the Arts activities. Biergarten at 6 pm. Fireworks at 9, back to resort for bed.

Thursday - EP
RD @ 8 am - Soarin', LwtL, Figment, and the Seas. FP Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, and Test Track starting around 10 am. Lunch/Fest of the Arts activities in WS in afternoon. Could use the later afternoon/evening as a break or as an opportunity to hop back to DHS to cover ground there we didn't get to on Tuesday. Or, are there any knockout Epcot/Crescent Lake restaurants we should try? I think this is our only day without a sit-down meal scheduled.

Friday - MK
RD @ 8 am - Peter Pan and other Fantasyland attractions, then Tomorrowland. FPs for 7DMT, Space, and BTMRR. Lunch at BOG (forgot to book this, oops! Trying to find availability now). Spend afternoon doing anytime attractions and rolling FPs, possibly have a monorail resort break, then head out for Storybook Dining reservation at 7:35 pm.

Saturday - DHS or AK
This is our backup FP/flex day. If I can't get a FOP or SDD FP earlier in the trip I will try for it on this day and then build the touring plan around that. If we've done everything we really wanted to do this will be a day for re-rides, exploring resorts, and just enjoying ambiance. We have a dinner reservation for Topolino's Terrace at Riviera for 7:55 pm. AK has an 8 am EMH this day as an option.

Sunday - Flex/Departure Day
Same as Saturday. DHS has an 8 am EMH this day, but I think we will want to sleep in and then hit the parks late morning-afternoon before we have to get on the Tragical Express around 6 pm :worried:. We do have the Topolino Terrace character breakfast booked for this morning too.

I would especially appreciate input on how I'm structuring our first DHS day. We only spent 3 hours there last time so I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to fit all the rest in. I scheduled all the GE reservations in the middle of the afternoon when I figure standby waits will be high. I don't know if the droid depot is worth it, and I don't know if I've scheduled stuff too close together or too far apart that afternoon. Thoughts?


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