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Earning My Ears
Feb 5, 2002
Im interested in purchasing my theme park tickets through Connections. I understand they have a 30 day trial membership for $1. Should I join now and order my tickets (we're going 3/30 - 4/6) so I will be sure they arrive in time? Thanks.
I recently purchased our tickets for August. They arrived in 3 days. It wouldn't hurt to order them now. The tickets do not expire and you avoid any possible price increase in the meantime. I found that Connections offered the best ticket prices anywhere. Also, they are the only place I know of that offers a 4-day hopper plus pass which is perfect for our trip this time!
Our family is going 3/22 and I just recently signed up for the Connections membership and bought 8 four-day park hopper passes. They were mailed UPS and we received the tickets just a few days after purchasing them online. I have since cancelled membership in Connections and everything was easy from start to finish.

Seems like a great way to get your passes at 10% off the regular price.

did you also order any meal vouchers during your 30 day trial period?

it does seem too good to be true!

going in 67 days!
Last year I joined connections and bought Park Hopper passes and universal passes, and also the food vouchers and used them all with no problem. I cancelled before the 30 days were up, again..no problem. But, i am worried about buying them THIS year all because of that special they had on one of those news programs (Dateline or 20/20 or something) about places other than Disney selling park passes and that Disney is cracking down on it now...would that include Connections? Please make sure you call WDW first just to be sure, I'd hate anyone to be stuck because of possible changes. I am seriously considering just buying my tickets at the Disney Store.....just a caution....
We used 2-7 day park hoppers(purchased thru connections) 2 weeks ago with no problems whatsoever. The tickets look exactly like other park hoppers I have used in the past. Also used quick and casual vouchers with no problems.
Thanks Kacey.

One more question -- Do you know if Connections sells the 7 day Hopper PLUS tickets? Heard some questions on whether they sell the PLUS tickets.
Yes, the ones we bought were 7 day park hopper plus--they have 4 plus options on them.
Thinking--We brought our park hoppers and meal vouchers through Connections in late Nov. Everything was delivered in 2 days. We used them in Jan. 02' w/ no problems. The hoppers looked just like the ones from the Disney store and they had a plus feature which we used at Pleasure Island. The meal vouchers were great and ALL the servers really seemed to like them. (An automatic 15% tip-what's not to like?) Since it was within 90 days- we returned 3 breakfast vouchers that we didn't use. Remember if you send anything back, it's Connections policy to send it to the Customer Relations Office certified mail or you may not receive a refund.
Sunnyl--I would order mine no earlier than 2/28. That way if you don't use something you have until May to return it.
No Ap's just park hopper plus, I am glad to hear that no one is having problems, it was sad seeing people that were using what looked to be Disney passes being turned away......I am going to write Disney a letter and find out just to be sure, if they know about connections and make sure its ok to still use them, i guess I am just paranoid now after watching that special report, they didn't say it was connections, but it was tickets that were used, you know still had days left on them, like the ones I still have from connections from last year, I hope those days are still good, it does say they never expire though
Does connections sell the park hopper 4 day pass or just the park hopper plus 4 5 7 day pass?
Can someone give me the cost of 4 and 7 day park hoppers (no pluses) thru Connections. I will need 2 adults and 2 childs.

I like to do strict budget, so would like the exact cost dollars and cents (including tax) so I can put in in the spreadsheet.

Based on what I see today on the Connections website they do not offer regular hopper passes, just the hopper plus.

From the Connections site today:

4 day plus passes
Adult - $196.54
Child - $157.43

7 day plu pass
Adult - $292.90
Child - $235.66


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