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Tess W

Earning My Ears
Feb 6, 2002
Can anyone help? I have seen/heard conflicting info about whether or not new purchasers can get a different use year than February. A few folks on this board have said that is is possible; others have said that Disney is only working on February right now. My guide was rushed, (so I couldn't press her), but she made it sound like only Feb is an option right now. Does anyone know the real scoop? I know its not that big of deal, but I like to have my facts straight. Thanks! -Tess W.
Each unit/building is given a specific use year when it is named a part of the condominium. I would assume that means only February is available now.
Each unit/building is given a specific use year when it is named a part of the condominium.

While that was true for OKW, the other resorts were set up differently. (BWV, VWL and BCV only have 1 "building").

February is the use year they are currently selling to new members, but add-ons for existing members will have their original use year- even December- so clearly, other use years are available.

If you want a use year other than that being currently sold, just let your guide know. Remember that the points for later use years will not be distributed early. So, if you want a Sep use year, you won't get any points until September 1, 2002. There are currently NO backdated points at BCV.
Webmaster Doc or anyone: We are considering BVC as a new member. If we have a Feb use year then would we get points for this year and then again in Feb 2003? This would be an advantage to a Feb use year it would seem if this is true.
Yes, you will be getting Feb. 2002 and Feb. 2003 points. The "catch" is that you cannot use those Feb. 2002 points until the BCV actually opens. Beginning in March, you can make reservations but you can't take a trip until the opening in September (maybe August). In other words, if you buy today you can't use your points to book a trip to the VWL for June.
Thanks to all for your information. Based upon your input, I called my guide to ask for an October Use Year. She said she got her "manager to approve an exception". October Use Year dues will start in October, with first points distributed then as well. We are looking at 300+ points. I don't know if the number of points you are buying matters for getting a non-Feb Use year, but I recommend asking if that's what you want. It can't hurt! Thanks again. -Tess W :)

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