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Mar 21, 2001
My wife is a former CM. After she left Disney, she received in the mail her silver passes for the year. She also still has her CM ID. My question is this. Can we still use these passes when we get to the CM entrance of the parks, or will they check her ID and refuse us entry since she is no longer a CM?

I am willing to buy the regular passes if necessary, but obviously if I don't have to, I would rather not.

If there are any CM's out there that can give me any help or feedback on this, it would be appreciated.
If you wife is no longer a castmember she is not entitled to that benefit. You could always try, but that is dishonest. I wouldn't do it.

She is no longer allowed to use those passes. I believe the whole computer system was changed recently and all active WDW employees are in the system, so if she tried to go through the gate it would deny access. I am completely blown away by the fact that when her termination paperwork was completed her cm id was not taken. This is standard procedure.


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Why do we always have to tell people they are dishonest or unethical or whatever when they ask a question? I don't think they where asking if they are being "dishonest" or not they just wanted to know what the policy is on the subject. I am not trying to start an assault on anyone it is just that sometimes people get carried away with words like dishonest and unethical....sorry for the neagaive post but it is tough to see people hammer others for asking questions.
Good grief! I certainly wasn't trying to point fingers at any one for being a "bad guy". I was just trying to shed a little light on the subject. I don't blame anyone for asking such a question. I would have been confused too! I do think if she had retired it may have been mentioned, also, I would think the retirement benefits would have been explained. As I said, I was just shocked, not by the individual, but by the company, in the fact that they did not take her id, as this is standard procedure, and for the most part, they are sticklers for this. Truly I did not mean to offend anyone.


Castmember Laura
I don't like to see anyone slammed for asking a simple question either a CM (and one that was management if a silver pass is involved) I'm sure that this former CM knows that the CM priveledges are no longer for her to use! If you no longer work for the company, why would you get into the parks for free?
Are you sure she did not get her COMP passes in the mail? If so, she was probably entitled to them for having worked the time to earn them. The actual Silver Pass must be handed over at time of termination - the exit interview. Same with the ID card. ID cards have stickers on the back and you can only obtain the sticker from your manager.
I was just wondering if you were confusing a Silver Pass with COMP passes (you receive two in dec. and two in july).

Enough already, I really didn't want to start a firestorm, which it sounds like I did.

Yes, we received the passes in the mail post termination. I was just trying to find out whether I could use them or not. I was not trying to get away with anything unethical or dishonest. I was just wondering what the policy was.

Thanks to those of you that seemed to understand that.

Now, since I am obviously going to be purchasing some multi-day passes, does anyone have a recomendation for a reputable place that offers discounts?
You can get discounts on multi-day passes from AAA, or from getting a Disney Club membership. If you live in Florida, plan to go for more than three days and are going off-season, the FL Seasonal Passport is a great buy!
I am also a former cast member. Silver pass aside, if you have collected one-day comp tickets you are (as far as I know) perfectly entitled to use them. In my time as a CM no restrictions were ever placed on the use of these tickets and there was no problem offering them to friends and family. No ID of any sort was required upon entry to the parks. Just be sure to check the dates, since they expire.

As for silver passes, I do think they require ID. I'm amazed that they didn't take your wife's. That was one of the FIRST things that happened when I left . . . ID taken.

If she still has friends who work for Disney, it's also perfectly acceptable for them to purchase discounted park tickets on her behalf (they have to pay, you pay them back). I did this for friends when I was a CM and none of us ever had a problem; it was perfectly acceptable.

Hope this helps.
JSG, I read in your reply that CM's can get park tickets at a discount. Are you sure about this? I had a friend that worked at a DS and I could swear he told me that all park tickets were always face value.
I am not a CM, but I am aware that CMs are entitled to purchase park admissions at a discounted rate.
I just spoke to a current CM about this last week, so the information is that current.
Hope that this helps. :)

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Mickey Maniac . . . I can't speak for Disney Store cast members, but I was a part of the Consumer Products group and we could purchase tickets (though not every kind, a limited variety was available . . . for example, maybe 4- or 5-day park hopper passes, but no park hopper plus passes) through our human resources department.

I'm not sure what's currently offered or how good the savings are, but I think that this benefit is still available.a


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