cleaner for pennies


Earning My Ears
May 17, 2000
I remeber a while back some people had suggested things you can use to clean your pennies and make them look brand new for use in the penny press machines. Unfortunately, I cannot remember what some of them were and I am unable to perform a search for that thread.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
baking soda + vinegar which gets very bubbly I think I remember someone saying. Maybe jewelry cleaner?
Any acid should help shine them up. I found out that "Red Hot" sauce will shine the copper bottom of a sauce pan... The hard way. :)

I was so fascinated with this that I shined ome pennies just to see how it works. Vinegar should work, with less mess. :jester:
Coke or Pepsi over night soak ~ pretty scary that people drink that stuff. If it can burn the crap off of a penny, what's it doing to your stomach?
TarnX - found in cleaning supplies @ Wal-Mart

Tomato sauce also works, kinda.
This is very simple: Copper cleaner, the kind you use for copper bottom pans. Sold at any supermarket, inexpensive and safe.
Hot sauce, specifically from Taco Bell:) My husband's change got splashed with it one day and we couldn't believe it. Imagine what it does to your insides. Yikes!

I was just going to post this question. I was wandering myself. Thanks for posting! And thanks to everyone for all the great tips!
If our stomach lining was made of copper or rusty or whatever, then I would worry about the effects of coke, pepsi or taco sauce.
If you think about what pennies are made of (mainly copper) wouldn't it be logical to use something specifically designed to clean copper? Like Tarnx or Cameo Copper Cleaner.


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