Check-in time 9:00pm Where to Eat?


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Mar 5, 2003
Friday, May 16th our flight will be arriving at 8:00pm. Then we're renting a car and then checking into the WL. I currently have PS for 9:30pm at Whispering Canyon Cafe, but I think I may cancel it because we probably won't be up to it after a long flight from Oregon. The food at Artist Point doesn't seem too appealing either since we have lots of that at home.

BUT I kinda wanted to kick off our first vacation meal with something great, not just eat at the food court.

What should I do?

Even if your flight is on time, you still will probably not get to WL and get checked in and in your room before 9:30pm. At that time most restaurants are starting to close down. It usually takes 30 minutes from the time you get off the plane until you have you lugage in hand. Then you need to rent the car, walk to the car, load the car (another 15 minutes under the best of circumstances) drive to WDW (30 minutes minimum if you know where you're going and aren't making a grocery stop). Once you get to the Wl allow at minimum 15 minutes from the time you walk through the door until you're in your room.

Frankly at that time of night after a long trip I'd just stop someplace between MCO and WDW and grab something quick--then check in, settle in, maybe explore the resort and get to bed "early".

That way you can get up the next morning and start the trip with a great breakfast someplace!

Hm you may be right Anne, but there's always hope!

Guess we can always do a McD's drive through on the way to the hotel...I'm assuming there will be at least one along the way.

Then maybe a half hour in the hot tub after check-in, then off to bed for an early start.


Might be pricey but open up that Room Service book and order away!! Nothing like eating in bed after a nice hot shower! :)

Hi there...

What makes you think you will be hungry when you arrive? Do they not serve a meal on your flight?

I was also wondering if WL has room service? Maybe just enjoy something light on your balcony and have a great breakfast in the morning.

Well I think there will be dinner on the flight, but it's usually not very filling and we like to eat! And by the time we check-in and all it would probably be 4-5 hours since the meal, so I know we will be hungry.

Room service sounds like a plan...I guess we'll just wing it :eek:


WL does have room service - Jenny's or something like that - Roaring Forks has decent chikcen strips - I know it is not exciting but it tied over DW/DS and myself on our last day before our drive back to Ft Lauderdale after a full day at MK.

I know the room service is expensive but I think the selection was decent:

Not sure but if you let WL know you will be late they might make an exception on the room service hours

It would be hard for me to do Whispering Canyon after a long day....

We've started a new tradition. We stop at Orange Blossom Trail, eat at the Ruby Tuesdays and visit Abertson's to pick up our soda, water and snacks. Orange Blossom is the first road off of 417 from the airport, it is easy off and easy on, and there are lots of eating places along the road.


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