cheapest way to parks for 5 days?


Earning My Ears
Feb 7, 2001
We are going to be going to MK, MGM, AK, & EPCOT only, not the water parks, therefore we do not need a Hopper Plus. Other than the regular hopper is there any cheaper way to get in for the same period? We don't really even need to hop. We can spend a whole day at each day at a time. We have 2 adults and 1 child to pay for... We are on a limited budget, so any input would be appreciated!


I don't think the hopper passes are more expensive than buying five individual passes. It's very nice having that hopping option -- especially since AK closes earlier than the other parks -- you can finish up the day somewhere else afterwards. Or, if you find you like one park more than the other, you can do 1/2 day at one, and finish up at the other.
Are you spending 4 days or 5 days in the parks? They sell 4 and 5 day hoppers with no plus features. I would probably go with that, since hopping can be a great feature.

If you don't want to do that, you could do one-day, one-park passes and use the bounce back option to purchase additional days at a slight discount (you would save $5 on the second day, $10 I think on the third day).

The bounce back option sounds like an option. Also using someone elses unused days may be an option. Is it possible? I am looking for any ideas on saving $$$. Where can I buy the 5 day regular hopper at the cheapest price? Is it worth a trip to the Orlando OFFICIAL visitor center for discounts on the area?


Sounds like a plain old 5-day Hopper (without the Plus) is your best bet. I don't see how you'd save by using the Bounce-Back passes, especially if you get a discount on the Hopper passes.

I have a list of places that offer discount Hopper passes on my web site:

If you are a AAA member get the tickets through them. I was quoted:

4 day hopper: $183 adult, $146 child

Best price I've seen.


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