changing resorts???


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Aug 27, 2001
Staying @ PO for 6 nights, my ds wants AK to see the animals, my dd wants to stay @ the moderate, so we can do more with the extra money. Should I split the stay & how much of a hassle to pack up & move? Any suggestions? PO is $87 AK is $165 includes tax. Thank you.


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Jan 11, 2001
Hi Melgrek,

Same here, We are booked for 10 nights at the AKL for May. I've been debating switching resorts because it seems like so many people do it. And with good codes we could check out another resort, we probably wouldn't be able to do for an extended stay.

My Dh is leaving it up to me, but seems to think packing and rechecking in is a pain.


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Feb 29, 2000
The packing is the only hassle that you will actually have, as long as you tell bell services where you are going to stay next, they will move your luggage for you, in short, you pack your luggage, call bell services ( beware that some resorts require you to be in the room until they pick up the luggage ) they come and pick up your luggage and mopve it to the new resort, you can go on to the parks or whatever you are doing that day and when you get to the other resort to check in, your luggage is already there, voila! that simple.
Hope this helps!


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Jul 30, 2000
It depends. Some people love it (like me and mine) and others hate it. If you are the type who "moves in" when they are on vacation, then you will probably not like it. We are very light travelers (I don't think I've even seen the inside of a set of drawers in a hotel room). Other than the packing, it's not a problem at all. It breaks up the vacation for us (feels like it's extended).


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