changed our ressie at 6 months out, no problem with availability

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Jan 20, 2000
Well I jumped and changed our reservation. We still start with 5 days in a BWV 2 BR. After that we had 4 days in a VWL 1BR. Now we have two days (Fri-Sat) with nothing yet, and then 2 days in a VWL 2BR, which we should have anyway with 3 kids.
There was no problem changing it and the 2BR was available.
ONly problem is I have 10 2001 banked points left, and nothing to use them on (the points I saved, 90 besides that, are going toward our 2003 cruise). Is there a market for renting out only 10 points?
Choices for the two nights (One is my BDAy) are the Poly, Swan/Dolphin w/ teacher rate, or Hard Rock. No good rates out yet.
One other note--a coworker of mine just got back from 6 nights at OKW with a friend--she raved about the resort.
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Poly 6/2000, 12/2001
BWV 6/2001
A weeknight studio at OKW can be had for 8 or 10 points depending on the season, so, someone may want to rent 1 night. Someone may also need a few extra points to finish a reservation that could your 10 points. Put them up on the rent trade boards, I'm sure they'll rent......spruce
>>ONly problem is I have 10 2001 banked points left<<


Are you sure these are "banked" points. You are spending 7 days in a 2 bedroom and 4 days in a 1 bedroom during dream season. That's at least 322 points. That's a lot of points. How many points did you bank?

Did MS use your banked points first, before going into your current use year? When I made ressies last year, I found out that they did not use my banked points first, but went right into my current use year. When I called it to their attention, they just did a point adjustment and used the banked points for the trip, then went ahead and banked the remaining current year points. I hope that didn't sound too confusing??:earsboy:
OK here is the deal:
I had 90 banked points from my 2001 year at VWL (Feb. use year). I bought 100 last year and sold 10 back MB.
My original ressie (4 nights in a 1BR, Fri-Mon) used 180 points--my 90 banked points and 90 of my 2002 points.
My new ressie (2 nights in a 2BR, Sun-Mon)only uses 80 points. So I have 10 2001 points left, and all 100 of my 2002 points.
I can use those 2002 points toward our cruise next year, but not the 10 2001 points.
As for the 5 nights in the BWV 2BR, I am using 160 points. I have 18 2001 points and 160 2002 points, so I'll have 18 2002 points left over to use in 2003.
I hope you could follow that! This sure is confusing to explain!
Robin M.

You don't need to do that. I know you have 2 contracts from 2 differant DVC resorts, but you are within the 7 month window. As such you can mix and match points from both contracts. You can use those 10 banked VWL points, maybe adding a few current use year VWL points, for one night of those 5 BWV stays. And then bank the remaining BWV points.

You are using 142 current (2002) BWV points for this ressie. You don't need to do that. You can use those 10 banked VWL points for the BWV ressie.

Thanks Dumbo, I was wondering about that!! IN truth, the CM I talked to when I changed my ressie wasn't speaking English that well and I thought I'd call back another time and take care of that point issue when I wasn't straining so hard to figure out what the CM was saying.
Robin M.

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